Guess it was expected. The girls sold out got their fairytale ending. Only Samantha and Charlotte stayed true to what they were from the beginning. I wish Carrie and Big didn't get together. I don't believe a commitmentphobe can ever change. Or does age and commitment have an inverse relationship?

Anyway. I have the BIG idea to do a Sex and The City wedding for Singapore. Since Vivienne Westwood is out of my budget, I shall be an offbeat bride. I have always heart Carrie's fuschia dress with cropped tuxedo. How's this for wedding dress?

We have done seaside chic and the US shindig is going to be vintage+DRAMATIC so Singapore wedding should be more fun ya? When I told Kelly about my Sex and The City idea and pink dress, all he said was "errr...". Of course of course. I shouldn't be so mean and give him only one choice. So he can choose either Sex and The City or Alice in Wonderland. There.

Save the Date is this ang moh tradition where couples send a card to their invited guests informing them of the wedding location and date so guests can block out the day on their social calendar. The picture on our card is our reception building. Isn't it gorgeous? I am waiting for card sample now. Hopefully the actual product looks as good as this.
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