Saturday was too beautiful a day to be staying home or running errands. So we decided to drive down to Santa Monica and watch the sunset.

A serene sight.

LA would not be LA without its palm trees.

After a quick dinner, we decided to pop in at Kelly's cousin's home as he lived nearby. Say hi to 7 weeks old Cameron!

Cameron and I, it's complicated. We have yet to figure out if he is my first cousin once removed (as the Americans would say) or my nephew (in Singapore terms).

This is the youngest baby Kelly has ever held. Can you tell?

Kelly got lucky. Once I got Cameron, he proceeded to regurgitate his milk, fart loudly a few times and poop. All while I was holding him. Does he hate me?

I have never ever seen a snoring baby in my life! On the cuteness scale, he's on par with my snoring cat.
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I'm on a roll today, 6 posts in a single day. Heh, only cos I don't have tons of pics to resize and touch up.

Here's a tip. One thing that most people don't think about shopping for in US is beauty products. But you should and here's why.

I shop online at for my regular serum and moisturiser.

The skincare brand was running a promotion. With every $60 spent, I received a value pack worth $45.

In addition, gives shoppers 3 free mini samples. (I mistakenly inserted an extra item in this photo.)

And to top it off, paired with designer Chris Benz (confession, I don't know who he is but it doesn't matter) to design a makeup case for a special promotion.

Chris Benz came up with this suuuper cute vintagey travel case filled with all the goodies you see in the pic. All you had to do was spend at least $130 to get this amazing deal.

So I bought THIS,

And got ALL THESE FREE!!! The total package is worth more than what I paid for.

Every few months, partners with designers for special deals like this. Even if you only shop at cosmetic counters in department stores, the big brands have monthly deals where you get lots of samples with your purchase. And the qualifying amount is usually reasonable.

Are you sold yet?
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We were frying bacon for lunch one day when I decided to get adventurous with my food.

Bacon + Caramel ice cream = Not a good idea. The sweet-salty-greasy flavour didn't really appeal. One crazy combination I love though is McDonald fries with their vanilla sundae. What odd flavours do you mix up?
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I was happy to discover this new (to me) flavour of Kit Kat in a Japanese supermarket here. This is Kinako Ohagi which is red bean mochi flavour. Was quite disappointed as it tasted very much like a regular Kit Kat with a slight tinge of powdery aftertaste.

OH, I discovered a Kit Kat addict's blog!
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For a few months, we kept hearing the sound of feet running on our roof and nails scrapping the side of our walls late at night. Scaredy cat that I am, I NEVER jump to supernatural conclusions. Why frighten myself right? So I always sought a logical explanation.

Which was the right one.

A nest of raccoons had taken up living space in my neighbour's house and they would wander about the neighbourhood in search of food nightly. After which the whole family of 5 (maybe more??!) would return home by using our roof as a spring board to leap over the fence that separates the houses.

So cute right? They are also bold fearless animals. If they are a safe distance away, they would observe you rather than run away.

My neighbour is doing some major renovations on his house now so I'm sure the family of raccoons have relocated. Which means no more poltergeist-like noises.
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Perusing the revised menu at a Japanese restaurant, I came across this description for Oyako Don. Who can bear to order this dish after such a touchingly tender reunion??? So I ended up with ramen.

But I tabao (packed) the Oyako Don for next day's lunch.

While grocery shopping on Sunday, I came across this little stand at the supermarket. Curious as to why there was Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and balloons?

These were cakes for Oscar viewing parties! The Elvis cutout threw me off. I thought he was just a rock n roll singer but apparently Elvis starred in a lot of movies.

I wonder if other cities/states sold such cakes too or was it unique to LA? The supermarket should have sold popcorn and champagne to capitalise on the whole Oscar theme.

Oscar's viewership was the highest in 5 years. While many more people tuned in, I wonder how many bought these cakes. The thing about these supermarket cakes is they are all sugar. You don't even bounce off walls. One bite and you just convulse on the floor in sweet delirium. Bleah.