been hit by a lazy bug after the wedding and long road trip.

been avoiding doing anything and that includes replying emails and uploading wedding pics.

been falling in and out of a flu. everytime i get better, k gets worse. everytime he gets better, i get worse.

been doing nothing and it feels goooood.

i take that back. i read all your blogs, train kitty how to use the cat door and clean up the mess that is our house!
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Friday, the theatre was crowded with one of these groups: Parents, Kids and Teens. And they were there for one of these movies: Bolt and Twilight. Of course it was opening day for Twilight so the percentage was skewed towards teens. So it was tad embarassing for me to go up to the cashier and say "1 ticket for Twilight."

Nope I am not a Twilighter as fans call themselves. I never read the book before the movie so I wasn't in on the frenzy. Of course I heard about the hype. More importantly I dig Robert Pattison who plays Edward. Must clarify here. I already thought he was the cutest thing in the Harry Potter movies as Cedric Diggory.

Back to Twilight. I really enjoyed the movie! Might even go for seconds! It was fun watching with a whole bunch of teens. Everytime Edward appeared, they would scream. And for Jacob too, though to a lesser extent. Made the whole experience very fun!

Plot was straightfoward and cheesy. Reminded me a little of the Hong Kong TV Series, A Date with A Vampire, which I love. Twilight the movie was very well cast. I thought Kirsten Stewart acted really well. She made Belle cool and endearing. Robert overacted a few times, to me. But he's stage trained. Maybe that's why?

About the cast, have you seen so many good looking guys in one show? I totally melted when Carlisle appeared on screen. Jasper is cute too. He is supposed to be a very charming vampire. Why then does he look so stoned throughout the show? Ahem, after the movie I went to google Twilight. I saw interviews of James and Edward. After those, I find James much more attractive than Edward. Edward is very giggly for some reason.

And I bought the book after the movie. Which made me very glad that I watched Twilight before reading it. In the book, Bella strikes me as super whiny and starstruck. And Edward is as gentlemanly as an oil slick. I get goosebumps. Going to stick with the movies for the sequels.
On the prowl for black

De/Couture Original $1550, Sale $930

De/Couture Original $1550, Sale $465
I have been lusting after a chain link bag. Especially those with envelope flaps.

Zufi Alexander Kiss It

Zufi Alexander Alexandra

Zufi Alexander Kiss Me Baby

Zufi Alexander Tie Me Baby

Tie Me Baby isn't a black bag but it's so cute I had to include it. Aren't Zufi Alexander's bags lustworthy? The design is not overly complicated but it comes with the right dose of details to make them stand out. Totally out of reach for now. Each retails above USD1500.
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would you choose to give an interview in front of a man with bloody pants killing turkeys?!

Even if Palin had anything in depth to say, having an abattoir as background is insane. The interview felt more like a macabre movie. Where you can't peel your eyes off the screen even if you are screaming inside. Her voice was static as I looked on disgustedly at the man shoving turkeys down the killing machine with blood everywhere. All I heard towards the end was "I will be in charge of the turkey"... "This is where I need to be to get it done"... I mean can't you schedule an interview and your visit to get fresh turkeys at different times?

There is nothing wrong with an abattoir. I am a meat-eating carnivore and am grateful someone out there can do this so I get meat on my plate. BUT I don't want to know the reality of it. I am happy and contented to know that cows are alive and meat are just meat. I don't want to think about how it happened. I believe most people are like me. SO WHY ON EARTH WOULD AN EX-VP CHOOSE TO GIVE AN INTERVIEW IN AN ABATTOIR? I am sure there are more ways to appeal to certain demographics in US. And you have more than those demographics to appeal to if you are going to run for president.

The age old riddle came to mind. How many PR firms does it take to turn Palin around?

Read article here.

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Proof of how the big brands ride through the recession. They manufacture money!


Ok, that statement was entirely unture but the coin is real. The French Mint tapped on Karl Lagerfeld to design a limited edition five Euro coin to commemorate Coco Chanel's 125th birthday. On one side is the brand's signature quilt pattern and on the other is Mdm Chanel's head. Though the stamped value is five Euro, the gold and silver coins are expected to retail for far more. They go on sale Dec 1 with a price ranging from 45 Euros to 5,900 Euros.

Chanel gets no part of the proceeds but the marketing pays for itself.
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Singapore food blogs make me hungry.
Hungry makes me want lunch.
Lunch makes me wish for the convenience of a hawker center.
No such convenience means I have to cook.
Think I will go eat some biscuits.
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After endless searching and polls, I finally got my black staple. Initially I went with Bag B and was surfing the web for the best deal. Which was how I came across my new bag and fell IN LOVE!

Sold me on the clasp.

Love the bolt-like details.

It was on sale so I snapped it up. The bag totally exceeded my expectations! The leather is sumptuous and I love its magnetic closure. So much easier than zips and flaps! The doctor bag frame gives it a polished look and it holds a ton! Only drawback is that the bag isn't very light but I can handle that. <3

We are back!

Logged 1700 miles going from San Diego to Sacramento. It was our first family trip in more than a decade, with a new son-in-law in tow! I was ecstatic to see my parents and spend precious time with them. Of cos Kelly was designated driver. On the last day, I had NO IDEA how he made the 6 hour drive back to LA.

Now we are both sick. Serious burnout from whirlwind activities of the past 2 weeks including a lost cat. But that's a story for another day. Plus the house is now a disaster zone with boxes stacked haphazardly and piles of loose papers lying around. After using wedding as an excuse for skipping housework, I need to get started again. So things will be a little slow on this site. Anyhow, here's the most important update of all. We passed the immigration interview!!! Which means I am officially a PR now!!! *beams*
Thank you for remembering and leaving me messages via email, sms and chatboard. I want all of you to know that we are very touched by your blessings before we go off for a one week road trip with my parents. (So not considered to be honeymoon)

Of course there were some kinks on the actual day. The big ones include my dad-in-law doing a Houdini, my period arriving and us running behind schedule. Because of that, we had limited time to take personal photographs. Unlike in Singapore where the bride and groom-to-be dress up in their wedding finery and enjoy a whole day (or vacation) of photo taking, couples here only take personal portraits on the actual day.

Not too sure if it's because we were running late, I think my photographer also didn't capture all the little details that I poured my heart, soul, sweat (and arguments with hubby) into. Hope to be proven wrong when we receive the photos 3 weeks later.

Moral of the story: No matter how seasoned your photographer is, give them a checklist of the shots you want.

Having said that, the wedding was all that I envisioned and more! Seeing my conservative parents teach my in-laws how to yell yam seng and doing it every opportunity shocked me. Seeing them dance the night away made my jaw dropped. Seeing their faces flush red with wine and happines, I knew they trusted that I was in safe hands. :)

Kapo these shots from my friend!

And I was so sure I wouldn't cry...

Thanks guys for driving all the way down for the wedding!

The odd thing about this picture? He's looking too happy while I attempt to 'stab' his friend.
Kelly and I didn't get much sleep so we are like zombies right now.
2 weeks ago, I waited.
1 week ago, I hoped.
4 more days, I prepare for the worst.

Dear God, I really don't want my period on my wedding day!
While doing late night shopping at the local grocery store, I spotted him.

Since I always hang out at the wrong places, I discounted him as my late night eye candy.

Until we crossed paths again and I sneaked a closer look. It IS him. Adrian Grenier of Entourage. I told K we should shop there more often.
One day a man decided he wanted Impressionist art to adorn his house. But he couldn't afford enough Picassos or Monet. So what does he do? He buys $10 worth of markers and decided to draw his own.

Starting at the mid-wall with The Salon by Picasso, he gradually worked through the whole basement, getting his inspiration from great cultural figures. Step inside the room and you will see Sherlock Holmes interacting with Hercule Poirot, Winston Churchill lounging with Bernard Shawand of course Monet.
How clever. View the entire basement here.
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