The FDA has found salmonella in pistachios which sparked a national recall of the nut and foods made with it eg. ice creams. I don't know if the pistachios in Singapore comes from California since Tong Garden isn't ang moh. But given that Central California is the world's second largest producer of pistachios, check the origins before you eat any.
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Since the start of this year, our weekends has been crazy busy. Not that I'm complaining, I love to be kept busy with fun activities. Last week was no exception though it wasn't all fun. For now, let's just say it involved bees and superheros. Pictures soon.

What does this look like to you? Answer Below.

It's a very cute pencil shavings bracelet by Disaya.
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Literally. I woke this morning to find poop on the couch and bathroom floor.

Hunter has always been well-behaved in this department. In fact, I was very relieved not to have to clean up his shit when we adopted him. This morning, I went to bed at 6.30am and woke at 11am. So this naughty act was done in the 4.5hours I was asleep.

The last thing I did before bed was to give Hunter some treats. Cats have been known to defecate to show displeasure with their owner. You should see the way he begs for treats, so he should have been a happy camper in the time I was asleep.

I have checked Hunter for injuries sustained from fighting. That might have made him afraid to go outside but there was nothing. He doesn't look sick either. All I know is he has not stepped in the house and has been snoozing contentedly outside. I hope that means he knows he did something wrong and not because the sunny warm weather means a nice nap on the patio. Knowing him, it's probably the latter.

I shall spare you guys pics of the poop disaster. I had to throw out Kelly's favourite big cushion so he's not too happy. Anyone with advice on how I can let Hunter know it's not right to poop inside the house?
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Be cautious of job emails with (.exe) attachements or your computer can come under a virus attack.
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Did you read this article about our Singapore's youth through the eyes of a foreigner? I thought it was so true and so funny. His observations are replicated here.

1) They speak to me softly in perfect English, then turn around and scream in Singlish to their friends.

2) They SMS with a speed and frequency that makes my own thumbs sore from sympathy pains.

3) They admit they are apathetic, and speak about it passionately.

4) They complain about the lack of culture on their school campuses, then immediately go back to studying.

5) They wear their emotions and intentions on their chests in the form of T-shirt sayings. A few of my favourites: 'Little Miss Giggles', 'I SMS Your Mum' and 'Are We Having Any Fun?'

6) They are extremely quiet in class, but downright chatty one-on-one.

7) They love David Beckham. They lust after George Clooney.

8) Apparently, procreation is not their forte. At this point in their lives, they could not care less.

9) Marriage is not yet on most of their minds. Instead, they say they want to keep getting red packets of some kind.

10) Romance is not an art many young males here have mastered. I recently overheard two young women complaining that their boyfriends had surprised them on Valentine's Day with gifts - a schoolbag and an external hard drive.

11) They are incredibly, falsely, modest. They know they rock. Just don't tell them to their face. They'll look at you like you insulted their mother.

12) They are way too polite. I asked a young woman to take my picture in front of the Merlion. After she snapped the shot, she thanked me - apparently for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to capture me on film.

13) Speaking of photos, they pose for them everywhere. I recently saw a group of students smile for multiple pictures with their taxi driver at Clarke Quay. He was smiling too. The meter was running.

14) A few engage in 'serious blogging', but most just blog about their friends and pets and upload pictures of last night's dinner.

15) They are very productive during classes - at catching up with friends on MSN Messenger and updating their Facebook status.

16) They remain sceptical of their country's growing global status, often asking me 'Why would you want to come here?'

17) They already express nostalgia for days gone by, at the ripe old age of 17.

18) The few young men who have long hair seem to be teased mercilessly by friends, and hit on frequently by strangers.

19) They catch catnaps at the most unlikely locations - bus stops, campus canteens, even the school library.

20) Their eyes have a tint of worldliness to them, especially the young men who have been through national service.

21) They passionately watched something called 'The Little Nyonya' until recently, but not all will admit it publicly.

22) They think it is funny that Singapore has a professional basketball team.

23) They love their parents, but they definitely do not tell them everything.

24) They love to dance ...

25) But it does not mean they have rhythm.

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I think people have their priorities all wrong. Why a kid when a dog reciprocates your love 10 times more? When it jumps in front of a rattlesnake to take the bite or when it just wags in joy to welcome you home.

For that matter, why a cat? It only comes home when it wants something. It leaves after it gets something. You want to show your affection but they wiggle out of your grasp. You want to love them but they decide when they want the affection.

A kid and a cat, same deal. Both exasperating but sometimes, they break your resolve and melt your heart. Times like this.

I was spring cleaning and Hunter decided to climb into the cabinet to check out my work.

Btw, I noticed that Hunter tends to be super affectionate when both Kelly and I are around. You know how parenting experts advocate a whole family with both parents still in a relationship? How odd that the same might apply to cats.

Coach is releasing a budget-friendly line called Poppy, targeted at younger girls.

It's younger, blinger and retails from from $198 to $598. In my opinion, that's way overpriced. If I can get an actual Coach bag for those prices, why would I get any of these ugly bags?

I do like the jewelry collection though. Those flowers will bring some cheer to moody Fall when Poppy launches.

Would you buy anything from the Poppy collection?
See more Poppy here.
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It was only after taking a closer look that I'm struck by the absolute genius of this ad. Seen from the upper floors of a Jakarta mall, this massive floor sticker designed by Saatchi & Saatchi makes shoppers look a lot like the fleas that hound your pet.
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the Volkswagen Camper Van.

In this exact shade of minty goodness.
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For those of you who likes to play the Facebook's Spot the Difference game but can only play once each day, here's more for you. Just click on the picture to start.
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Dear Owner of Traffic Cone,

1. Where did you pick up one of these?
2. Why did you dump it beside my thrash bins?
3. Can you not put it inside the bin itself?

I just wanted to let you know that the cone is safely on its way to the incinerator or landfill.

Helpful Girl


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Would die to have this dress and shoes for my evening gown at the reception.

All parents know that there comes a time where your kid wants to pick out his own outfits. But what if his selections include striped bow ties, crushed velvet jackets, madras pants, ascots and a fez. Unusual certainly but 8 year old Arlo Weiner pulls them off with stylish aplomb. If you were his parents, will you be more horrified that your kids dresses like another era or that he has more stylish genes than you?

When Arlo turned 3, he asked for a top hat. How many 3 year olds even know what that is?? He's been unstoppable ever since. Arlo loves argyle, plaids, Black Sabbath, Bob Dylan and Frank Sinatra. He even wears a fedora to school like Sinatra. And his clashing patterns and colours are not trial and error. Here, Arlo clearly explains his fashion choices like a pro stylist.

What a precocious kid. Pretty face and impeccable dress sense, mark my words, he's going to be big. If I were his mum, I would raid his wardrobe. Shame on me.


3 weeks of binge eating.
I made kueh for myself.
And I pant after climbing a flight of stairs.
I need to stop binging.
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Tearproof and waterproof paper bag.

Good timing since plastic bags will be banned in LA come 2010.

I love the white. But judging by the prices of other items on the website, I don't think I can afford this paper bag.
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A few more months. I have all these little ideas but no venue, no guestlist, no excel sheets. Yet. I think a bride in my situation should take a 1 year break before starting on round 3. During the last months of planning, I never slept soundly. I would toss in bed, remember something that needed to be done NOW and got up to do so. It was inevitable. You can say I haven't slept for the last 6 months.

During our last few conversations, my mum STRONGLY RECOMMENDED we forego the Singapore celebration given the economic situation. I am much inclined to take her advice since things are so unstable. But when discussing the idea with Kelly, he said "I think you would want to see your friends torture me". Thank you Kelly. Now I know why the show must go on.
Every 3 hours, I need to put something in my stomach. It's like jet lag except it's not. Everyday brings a new craving. Today is kaya toast. My period is late.

I tease Kelly that I'm pregnant. Many times, I see panic in his eyes. But today he just smiled and said calmly "Then we have a baby." Which means it's not fun anymore.

No, I'm not pregnant and we would know. We aren't trying. I am determined not to have a baby when I'm nowhere near my parents or in-laws. So why am I hungry all the time???
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Recognize these cartoon characters from our childhood?

Care Bears have NO TUMMIES anymore! GASP! And the Care Bear Stare is now called a Belly Badge. *rolls eyes*

I can't believe the new doll is Strawberry Shortcake. She looks like Ariel from Little Mermaid to me. I think the changes are good except for the hair. Why can't she retain her red short hair? Change it into a stylish bob if you have to. And the freckles are so subtle now.

Even Strawberry Shortcake's friends got a makeover. I don't know why long hair is associated with stylishness.

Superman wants his leotard back.

I don't know why Polly Pocket's house looks like a rocket on acid.

(Top Left) The original barbie in 1959.
(Top Right) Barbie in 1990 which is so much prettier than
(Bottom) 2009 Barbie. Looks kinda scary and 1980s to me.

This is also 2009 Barbie which doesn't look like any Chinese I know.

Recognise them? They are descendents of Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Tasmanian Devil etc.

I think Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 1987 is so much cuter. The new ones ingest too much steroids.

Even the logos got revamped over the years.

It's not nostalgia and I'm not against changes but the makeovers aren't cute. What do you think?
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I got me a cute screensaver from Paul & Joe. Any pretty wallpapers you know that won't digust Kelly too?
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You know how Linus, from Peanuts, has a security blanket that no one can take away? Well, Hunter has one too! He sleeps on it every night so no one can remove it. AND he snores really loudly too.

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In the 14 months I've been here, this is the second gang shooting 3 mins from my house.
1 fatal shooting each 7th month.

The first shooting happened in May last year, ending with 1 guy dead. That was 9 months ago.
1 dead body each 3rd month.

That's not including repeat vandalism, muggings and car break-ins in the neighbourhood. Last year I could convince myself that the shootings target specific people. But with 2 shootings so close to home in such a short period of time...

To a girl, there are things worse than being shot dead. And I can't go on assuming that nothing will happen anymore. Time to look at self-defense measures.

Today I saw a young lady buy at least 10 dresses, where the lowest price was $135.