Finished my dad's boutonniere yesterday night! I haven't showed it to my dad yet but it's so darn cutesy that I think he will freak out at having to wear it. Ha ha ha.
I'm darn proud of myself for being able to make this for Kelly's wedding suit!

Heart the White Rabbit charm! Isn't it so adorable?

Incentive to visit US? The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens in Orlando in spring 2010 which is March to May 2010. Just in time for summer crowds. I have to say though I'm surprised that there are only 3 rides. I'm NO fan of roller-coasters but I imagine that's what most people go for at a theme park.

Anyhow I've never been to Florida and this is one more incentive for me to make a trip!
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As some of you might know, the Singapore wedding is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. No good reason for the theme except I wanted something whimsical and nothing with those cloyingly sweet Disney princesses. So it was either Hansel and Gretel or Alice. A candy house won't go very far in the tropical heat so Alice it is.

Don't expect some OTT Lady Gaga craziness. There's no balloons, White Rabbit and gang aren't going to be walking about. It's this little thing called budget. BUT it's going to be a fun and chill wedding inspired by the characters, colours and motifs in Wonderland. Meanwhile, check out this awesome underwater shoot by Elena Kahlis. There's more on her website, you have to see!

I love crowds and bustling places. But recently I have been enjoying the pleasure of a quiet afternoon. Hunter's snoozing outside with sunbeams on him, Kelly's snoozing with a fan that churns so loud I wonder how he does it. And me? I only slept 4 hours today and I need a nap. But I'm savouring every minute of my quiet time.

As long as my eyes are still open which is not for long now. Good afternoon and good night.
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I really really really don't want to talk about it. Honestly, I'm pretty sick of talking about it.

And I'm starting to really really really regret my decision. Surely there is something else we can talk about?
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Guy's cute and the dashchund's cuter.

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Slept 8 hours in the past 2 days combined. Been kept awake by the endless stream of wedding planning. I don't know why my mind keeps rehashing the same things over and over again. Last night, I actually lay down in bed at midnight (record for me) but slept fitfully with a continual charade of Alice in Wonderland characters streaming into my consciousness.

Anyway as I was putting together my wedding day mentally, I realise that my bridesmaids are all so chio! Which makes me wonder, are there any brides who choose bridesmaids based on how photogenic/ugly they are?