I was in the bathroom when the door suddenly swung open with a click. But no one was standing in the empty space of the frame. I walked out and was momentarily petrified to see the front door wide open too. No one except me and the cat which had been slumbering peacefully a second ago was now awake and confused. Nothing seemed amiss. I closed the door and sat down to still my beating heart.

It was a moment straight out of Stephen King's mind. The real reason though were the ferocious gales of wind which had been blowing through the house at 15mph or 24kmh. Thank God I was awake to shut the door and not leave it open to intruders.

For the second time, we found Hunter in the garden feasting on a dead rat. Naturally I went ballistic since he got very sick the last time he ate a whole rodent. Kelly grabbed the cat who was not happy at being intercepted. Then I made Kelly pick up the dead rat and toss it out so Hunter doesn't return to finish up. I suspect his hunt-kill-eat activities are what's been making him throw up nearly every night. Let's see what the vet says.

My next question is 'Why are there so many rats?' I'm sure those rodents can sense a rat killer living nearby plus we don't leave edibles lying around. So far, Kelly's been adamant about not setting traps around the house cos he deems it inhumane. Which would make Hunter the perfect solution if only it didn't cause him to get sick. What to do now?
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There's so few Zara stores in LA that popular items fly off the shelves as soon as they arrive. I can never find the clothing I want and if I'm so lucky to find it, they never have my size. Oh well, I'll just take it as saving money.
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1) A pretty face.

2) To study and be better than your competition.

3) Determination.

Most importantly one needs talent and you are looking at him.
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To celebrate our second ROM anniversary, Kelly told me to pick a restaurant, any restaurant. I'm the go all out or go good and cheap type when it comes to food so I was hesitant with making a decision.

After some discussion, we settled on the 1 Michelin star molecular gastronomy restaurant, The Dining Room at The Langham. Bonus for this TV addict, the Chef de Cuisine was winner of Top Chef season six.

I happily got my makeup professionally done and straightened my hair.

Kelly thinks I'm fussing but I didn't want him to see me looking like I do everyday. At least must look extra hot on our anniversary right?

I really wanted the Chef's menu which has to be ordered by the entire table. Because of Kelly's aversion to seafood, we asked if certain dishes could be substituted. The answer came back negative and our server suggested we do the 4 course menu and added ala carte dishes.

Even though I told Kelly I was ok with their recommendation, he decided to indulge me. Imagine hearts popping out of my eyes. By the time we placed our order, we were starving.

Our dinner started with an amuse bouche. The parfait of powdered salmon, horseradish and cream cheese had an interesting texture but I found 3 powders too dry on the tongue. Poor Kelly took one spoonful and contained his urge to spit it out.

First course was a perfectly cooked piece of langoustine on a bed of white asparagus in a delicious bouillabaisse bisque that I mopped up with my bread. Strangely, the calamari crisps reminded me of papadum.

The chef compromised and substituted Kelly's first course with a colourful harvest of garden vegetables. He gobbled everything and paused to mumble "It's really gooood" when I asked.

Our second course was a pretty presentation of foie gras terrine with wild strawberries and rice crispies. Salty, sweet and tart, it was sublime.

Next course was trout topped with porcini puffs and a sweet hibiscus foam which would not be missed in this dish. But that fish was the best I had in my life! It melted in my mouth like butter. I was the happy recipient of Kelly's intense dislike for seafood.

A deconstruction of the Reuben sandwich, our fourth course featured pastrami pigeon, sauerkraut gelee, cheese crisps and rye sauce. The pigeon was chewy and a tad salty.

Doesn't Kelly look like Mona Lisa here? In between courses, we had divine bacon rolls with goat cheese butter, butter from Vermont and butter from France.

Lamb shoulder confit and coffee cardamom soil. I can't remember all the components of this dish but I remember the lamb was perfectly cooked.

Mmm mmm mmm, Japanese Kuroge beef with marrow toast, a pea roll, matsutake mushrooms and Bordelaise sauce. I savoured every bit of it.

Isn't the presentation wonderful? Kelly was so full by the time this dish arrived that he didn't take a single bite. This was one of the highlights of the night, such a pity!

After the savoury courses, we were served a palate cleanser of peanut butter and jelly which had been blasted with nitrogen to form tiny icy dots.

The guy who cannot take another bite has space for desserts and it's written all over his face.

So eager that he cannot snap a clear pic of his Baba Au Rhum with pineapple, kiwi and coconut. Verdict? Really really good.

My pic came out blurry too.

My dessert went by the intriguing name of Fool's Gold. It composed of a salty hazelnut praline sprinkled with gold pieces, a chocolate sorbet and cocoa tuille. This is perfect for chocolate lovers but it was too much for me after a heavy meal.

The 3 tai tais seated next to us were invited to meet the Chef de Cuisine in the kitchen. After their turn, the same invitation was extended to us! It must have been a long tiring day in the kitchen but Chef Michael Voltaggio was very personable. Arrgh, where are the fake lashes I had bought for tonight's occasion?

Awaiting our return was a trio of mignardise. The lemon curd was too sweet after my dessert but I love the passion fruit candy with its edible wrapper, reminded me of 白兔. The chocolate lolliPOPs lived up to their name. Hidden inside were pop rocks candy so you heard and felt them pop in your mouth.

This was my first molecular gastronomy experience and it was a subtle introduction which I would definitely like to explore more of. It was also the first time I have whipped out a camera at an expensive place and I was kind of embarrassed. Since the tai tais were doing the same, I feel slightly more justified. All in all, it was a wonderful culinary experience for me.

Thank you and happy anniversary!
One cannot get very far in LA without a car. Wikipedia says residents spend 4 days a year stuck in traffic and no wonder, LA has the highest per-capita car population in the world. I don't know where the statistics are culled from and its veracity but it's a fact that LA is car city. And precisely why people forget it is a great place for walking too.

The weather helps, most times it's neither too warm or too cold. Plus a sprawling city gives rise to neighbourhoods with unique character. The other day, I took an hour long walk and spotted some interesting things.

I love how they bother to embellish the humble utility boxes with serious art. This particular one has been painted with (my guess) colourful Aztec people.

Looking up yields unexpected finds too like this cute Maneki Neko painted on the side of a building.

Who doesn't like a cat mural on the exterior of a school? This feline by the name of Room 8 is so famous, he's been in magazines and has a children book written about him. He's long gone to kitty heaven now but his story is read to new students each year.

Have you seen such beauty flowering from a cactus? I love the symmetry and lilac shade of the bloom. There are also lots of beautiful houses with nice gardens but I can't feature them on a public blog. Hopefully I get to explore more fun neighbourhoods when I get there, by driving.

Is it weird that I like these glasses? And that red hair. It's calling out to me.
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Alexander McQueen Fall 2010, I dream of the day I can own the pair of winged shoes.
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Since early Feb, the doctor has cleared me of hyperthyroidism. And I wish for those I know who have had it and myself that we will continue to be in remission for the rest of our lives.

I should be happy, instead I'm upset that my body hasn't shrunk to its former self. 50% of my wardrobe remains unwearable including all my jeans and pants save for 2 pairs. In a fit of pique, I tossed a large amount of clothing into the donation bin. Though I kept a few to remind myself that I will fit into them one day. I also scrutinise the hell out of every photograph and only look at the weighing scale after using the bathroom.

How whiny can I get? Stepping back from the scale and taking an objective look in the mirror, I think I look alright. Of course I wish my thighs were smaller, tush perkier and boobs bigger. Thought, why does fat only migrate South? What was I talking about? Yes, I should remind myself "I am just fine." Certainly, shopping for new clothes help. Right, Kelly?
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I was travelling on an empty bus when 3 people boarded. After settling down, the guy whipped out his guitar to serenade the lady opposite him with a Spanish ballad. I'm guessing it was a love song because from the wide smiles and passionate tune. I was too shy go closer and disrupt the magic.

Here's the strange part. We all alighted at the same stop and after a brief exchange, the guy and girl went their separate ways like they didn't know each other personally. If they are indeed strangers, the guy's confidence and spontaneity deserve a standing ovation.

While grocery shopping during the wedding, I spotted this adorable mini van. You can see that it's half the size of a regular car based on the parking space. Can you guess what it is used for?

Promoting cheddar cheese!
Ellen DeGeneres took 2 young fans to visit the theme park which opens June 18 in Orlando, Florida. I can't wait to go!!!

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Bad Singlish exists but the worse crime lies in celebrating it. Once again, our exotic accent is displayed in its full splendor in US game, Just Cause 2. Watch it and tell me that you still feel pride in being a native English speaker. My mask of horror unfroze enough for me to chio dou peng (laugh till I fall). I'm not sure there are shards of the language left for us to butcher.

Comments from gaming forums:

"I love this game just her VA (Voice Acting) is just so terribad."

"It sounds to me like she should be reading fortunes over the phone."

"She should never be allowed to say 'people' 'comrade' or 'metal' ever again."

"I hate her voice. I hate her face. I also hate that manly walk she does to the chopper."

"I wanna rip out her vocal chords! Her accent is so damn annoying."

"Every time Bolo Santosi speaks I want to hit her voice actress with a brick."

"I die a little inside every time Bolo Santosi opens her f**king mouth. I still can't bring myself to skip cutscenes."

"That Bolo Santosi woman might actually be the worst voice I've ever heard in a videogame."

"What is the problem everyone seems to have with her? She has a heavy accent but it sounds reasonably exotic to me."