The soldiers are ready. They had undergone the most rigorous training and are now a highly-skilled army. Their name inspires fear in the enemy.

The brave men line up in their ranks and file. Eager to fight the enemy to defend their land.

The soldiers are made of good stock. They did not crumble under pressure and were not afraid to go through fire.

Yet in the long battle, men were massacred.

Some fell,

and were buried in the grounds.

It was a long weary battle. Men were lost but many more survived.

The war might be won but the loss never forgotten. May the world never see another great cookie war again!

*i cheated. these were not made from scratch but from an oatmeal cookie mix. all i had to do was add butter, egg, water and raisins. hee! next time, i will try to make from scratch but i need to get a weighing machine first.
due to my leisurely lifestyle now, i surf A LOT. in the course of my very busy (online) lifestyle, i read a lot of blogs. Friends', celebrities, bloggers, fashion, cooking, any and every blog.

and then i begin to wonder how these popular blogs attract readers. what is their formula? i did intensive research and summarise my findings into these top 5 rules.

1. Post a lot of pictures. Don't need to write anything even. People are not interested in your language ability. They just want your fabulous life. But if you are not a celebrity, not chio or not happening, don't try this.
Examples: Dawn Yang, Felicia Chin, Cory Kennedy

2. Stir up controversy! Make you a talking point! Start selling used underwear online, get caught with your boyfriend in the act, talk about using the public handicap toilet.
Examples: Xiaxue, Talking Cock
*Links are specially chosen so they aren't NSFW.

3. Adopt a mysterious or OTT persona. Wit or dry humour IS part of the package. If your friends laugh at you and not with you, try No.4.
Examples: Little Miss Drinkalot, Cowboy Caleb, Mr Brown

4. Be an expert. Be the authority that people rely on. It need not even be some serious topic. Try hollywood gossip, fashion news or Singapore's favourite - Rate hawker food! Key is to be passionate.
Examples: A Socialite Life, ieatishootipost, Chubby Hubby

5. Be real, be yourself. No.1 also can apply here especially if you are a celebrity.
Examples: Lao Zhar Bo, Can of Worms, any bloggers.

and so after all that studying, I must apply them to my blog. Which rules should I adopt?
No.1 cannot. Not chio, not happening.
No.2 cannot. When you are in a new land all by yourself, this is a little hard to accomplish.
No.3 cannot. Post so many pictures on my blog already. What mystery?
No.4 cannot. I too talented. How to choose?
No.5. Same problem as No.1.

Lidat how to be famous???
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Last Weekend, Kelly and I made our way to Wayfarers Chapel.

This romantic chapel of wood and glass was designed by Lloyd Wright, son of famous American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. His design inspiration came from the Muir Woods which Kelly and I visited in January. He wanted this chapel to be a union of architecture and nature celebrating God's presence.

A couple was getting married in church so we couldn't go in yet.
But we took the time to tour the surroundings.

Isn't this triangle fountain special? I think it might represent the Holy Trinity. We also saw a long brick path with names and a message on each brick.

Entrance to the chapel. *sigh* Isn't it lovely?

To be able to worship God in nature...

See the prayer etched on the steps of the altar? I used to have to say it every Wednesday during school assembly.
Isn't this gorgeous?

Holy water, glass ceiling, exit

A path of redwood trees leads out of the chapel. Branches on either side arch to form a natural canopy much like a cathedral arches.

The beautiful scenery around Wayfarers Chapel includes the Pacific Ocean.

Parting shots

On our way home, we saw someone para-gliding. The view must be great from up there.

Wheeee! It is our first Valentine's today and I was real excited.

Thurs 14.02

Kelly flies home today and I want to surprise him with his favourite cookies.

erm. my first attempt at baking didn't turn out well at all.

It's 12.21am and I'm starting with the 2nd batch. Who the hell bakes cookies at midnight??

:( Cookies were as black as the sofa. Last try, 1.26am already!
waaaaa... third batch was burnt too! No more cookie surprise. For once, it is a good thing that Kelly's flight is late so he doesn't have to see all my black cookies.
But I have surprise #2! Set up before baking.

Tealights in formation. Can you read the message?

Final result


Kelly bought me a card and chocolates.
Most websites say these are clique but I LOVE chocolates and personalised cards. It's something to mark this occasion after the chocolates, candles and balloons are gone.

Fri 15.02

The next morning while I was still sleeping, Kelly brought home a yellow bouquet. My favourite colour!

Then in the afternoon, I whisked Kelly away for his spa appointment.

waiting for k to fill out the form

more waiting as K goes for his massage.

Sat 16.02

On Saturday, K whisked me off to dinner at Patina. One of those restaurants where you definitely need to dress up. Since I didn't know where we were going beforehand, I didn't get a new dress. I didn't bring one from Singapore either. In the end, I wore an old thing.. bleah.


The food was delicious but service abominable! Our waiter was busy buzzing around and almost totally abandoned us. To me, a good restaurant has warm bread but theirs was cold. K wanted water refills but they aren't prompt with that. We aren't picky people but if we are going to spend USD260!! in a restaurant, there are basic expectations.


An idea for the next Valentine's?