I have an irrational fear that the longer I am away from home, the further I will be from my friends' lives. And as time passes, the friendship becomes diluted and I am all alone here.

I do hear about happenings and blogs are the wonderful thing cos I get to see my friends' pictures too! And some I have gotten to know better through their blogs. But I also think not physically doing things together takes away some bonding experience. I just hope that with more effort to keep in touch, we will all still be as close to each other when we meet up.

Recently I was upset about some happenings. I left a comment on MSN and next day, I got an e-card from X. Another time, I got a mail from J. Then today, a few of my best girlfriends (you know who you are!) offered to help me get my fairytale wedding gown. I am so touched by all of you! I am so so so touched you care enough about me to send me a message or think up a beyond-any-words gift idea like that!

Thank you thank you thank you!

I heart all of you!


I always thought eating contests were localised random events. But I found out today that many of them, including the recent satay eating competition at Robertson Walk, are organised by professional bodies. The most established of these bodies is the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE).

IFOCE organises 'Major League Eating' events. Did you know that competitive eating was established as a sport in 1990s? And since those hotdog eaters are professionals, they have a job title. That is:


Contrary to what they are called, competitive eaters rarely regurgitate. Tactics include stuffing the mouth with chunks of food, chewing very fast and swallowing with lots of water. There is strategising too. Take the recent satay showdown between Joey Chestnut and Takeru "Tsunami" Kobayashi.

Knowing that Joey has strong jaws, Kobayashi outwitted him by skipping the chewing step entirely. Instead he shovelled handfuls of satay in his mouth and washed them down with plenty of water. I can't imagine how one can swallow such big pieces of meat whole. But Tobayashi's strategy paid off because he is king again.
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In my relentless search for the perfect black bag, I stumbled upon French labels Abaco and Velvetine. And I am in LOVE!


Abaco Laguna in Parme

Abaco Bergame in Dark Grey

Abaco Jacky in White

Abaco Paris is a mix of vintage charm and modern functionality. In order to achieve a particular shade for her supple leather bags, designer Raquel Achache works with her factories to create each unique shade such as Parme, a blue-grey colour. The result are bags that are ladylike but not overtly feminine.


Velvetine Iggy Hobo in Chocolate

Velvetine Steven Purse in Grey

Velvetine Nico in Black

This Parisian label is almost underground. Their website is still under construction! Designers Anne Cecile Couetil and Olivier Guerre started Velvetine 2 years ago. From the reviews I read on US sites, the biggest star in their line of luxurious bohemian bags seems to be the Iggy hobo. Part of their 'Sweet Needle' collection which is characterised by elegant needle drop clasps, soft natural leathers and a bohemian flair.

I got my eyes on ...

Abaco Laguna in Black

It's hard to focus on a plain black bag when there are so many gorgeous colours out there. There is one problem though. I have not found any US websites selling this! Short of going to France, chances of me owning this bag is zilch.

Velvetine Steven in Black

I know this is a badly taken picture but it's the only one I could find. I am in love with this bag all because of the unique needle closure! It's so insane but I love little details like that. The bad news is that I haven't been able to get my hands on any specs. The good news is that 2 more sites have begun carrying this bag, only they are more expensive and they don't have black.
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correction on New bag entry. new pics added.
The wedding gift that Xin 辛辛苦苦 hand carried from Singapore. Thank you babes!

Each individual components like the figures, numbers, car and balloons were personally selected by the girls then assembled.

The license plate is our wedding date! So cute right? 4 beads dropped off in the long journey. And just as I was gluing them back, the remaining 2 also dropped off. -_- All fixed now.

See how my friends chose 春 丽 to represent me and a brown hair boy for Kelly. Though brown hair boy can also be ah bengs. But I'm sure ah bengs don't wear cardigans. Then again, neither does Kelly.

Initially I wanted to use this as my wedding cake topper. But we decided not to have a traditional wedding cake so I am still trying to figure out how to incorporate this into the wedding.
Do you know that feeling of waiting eagerly for something? The first thing that pops into your head when you wake up is whether it has arrived. Of the disappointment when it has not. That was me the last 2 weeks. Till one day the parcel finally landed at my doorstep!

My new sandals just in time for summer!

I can't resist a good bargain (74% off!) especially when it looks this beautiful. Adore the shopping selections here plus time on my hands allows me to suss out designer deals.

I promise to be a good girl and stop any further shopping. MUST save money for wedding. With the exception of a black bag of course. But that's for daily use and shall not be classified under reckless spending. ^_^

Thanks K!

Sonia Rykiel Salma $990

Too far out of my range!

I prefer 'tougher' bags so out of all the black bags, my heart beat a little faster for Foley + Corinna Jet Setter Jr bag. That is until I discovered that this bag is HUUUGE. Perfect for students or those who have to lug laptops but not for me.


Interesting fact, the Jet Setter Jr was featured on Gossip Girls!


Through my diligent research, I also found out that Foley + Corinna was having a massive sale (Up to 70% off!). So I decided to disregard the picture and check it out for myself. Alas, the bag is really HUUUGE. K says I look like I'm carrying a shopping bag. :p As I was about to leave the store, another bag caught my eye...


City Tote in Sandstone Disco White

It is super versatile! You can carry it 4 ways - as a shoulder bag, a sling bag, a clutch or slung across the body. Though it will make a pretty big clutch. The sweetest thing was the price. Instead of the usual $485 price tag, I snagged it for $150! Thanks K for the pressie!


Glad I found a chio girl carrying this bag to show you how it looks like. She is Rumi and I adore her fashion blog. My next choice for a black bag would be Marc Jacobs' Dr Q and Gerard Darel, only they aren't sold in stores and I didn't find pictures of people carrying them. My search for the perfect black bag continues...

My current GG<5 bag is slowly disintegrating before my eyes. I need to get a replacement before it falls out on me. Am looking for a roomy, good quality, black bag for everyday use. These have caught my eye so far. Which do you like best?

In No Order of Preference

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr Q Lil' Ritz Hobo

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr Q Grace Bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr Q Groovee Hangbag

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Morning After Bag. Created a storm with young Hollywood, seen on the arms of Lindsay Lohan, Kirsten Dunst and Nicole Richie. Huge fan base in US.

Foley + Corinna Jet Setter Jr Bag. American designer. Huge fan base.

Gerard Darel 36 Heures. Popular French label known for its soft high quality leather. Seen on 1 in 2 French women. Limited availability in US.

Gustto Cala bag
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Coach Bleecker Metallic Tote $498

I had lost interest in Coach sometime ago. But last Saturday as I was walking past the Coach store, something flashed in the corner of my eye. So I backtracked for a closer look.

It's the new Bleecker Metallic tote. I love its simple silhouette and logo-less design. The silver is not bling bling bright, more like a subtle metallic sheen. I like I like. But can't afford a fun bag now. Guess I just have to wait for the sale.

Bleecker Patent Leather Tote $398

The Bleecker totes also come with fun patent leather in the rich colours of fall. I love both! Purple is the big colour for fall/winter. I have seen designers churn out varying shades of purple bags! Plum is a favourite cos its rich tone contrasts well with fair skin. Plus the darker shade makes it easier to match with clothes.

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The news definitely shakes one's faith in mankind. This pair of 70 year olds befriended homeless men from the streets, housed them, cared for them AND bought life insurance for them. 2 years later, the old women ran the men over and collected insurance payouts as fiancee and cousin.

After the second murder, police became suspicious when the same women turned up to claim payouts. They compared injuries and circumstances for both murders, leading ot the arrest of the pair of ruthless con-women. In lieu of their age, the judge sentenced them to life. Details here.

Think the old lady in the street is harmless? Think again.

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I really really really really really wish that Kelly didn't have to travel to another city for work every week. There is so much wedding stuff to do here and if he worked in LA, we can still get some things done after work.

I really really really really really wish that Kelly wasn't so busy at work. That way, he can take leave so we can clear our wedding to-do list faster.

I really really really really really wish that Kelly had time to teach me driving. That way, I can get more things done. A 15min drive takes me 1 hour by bus. A 45min drive takes me 2.5 hours by bus.

I really really really really really wish that I learnt to drive before coming over. That way, I don't have to depend on Kelly at all.

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1. I bought a $600 dress because it makes you look good.

2. I spent a lot on air tickets, why don't you pay for my dress?

3. I cannot bring your clothes over. We are only using one suitcase and it is full.

4. I am going to borrow your clutch, my Coach purse doesn't match the dress.

5. I have no money to buy a new bag so why don't you give me your Coach bag.

6. I have no money to buy anything but you can get Kelly to buy you a new bag.

Everytime I talk to you, my heart breaks a little. It's been so many years now. I am just holding tenuously to whatever that's left.

Went to a baseball game. Apparently the Kallang wave is universal.

I am sick of wedding planning hence all the blog updates. I haven't blogged about life here and there's been lots of happenings so forgive the long long entries. In the next few posts, you will go from April to July. Happy reading! I try to add more pictures and fewer words ok? :)

As you know there was Mother's Day. And my friends visited LA. Which always calls for a celebration. ;) The other big event we had was a Bar Mitzvah.

Bar Mitzvah is a big deal for the Jewish. It's when their boys and girls turn 13 and, come of age. It's like us turning 18. Sidetrack a bit: Which is a bigger deal? Turning 18 or 21? Drinking and driving or clubbing and RA movies?

This is the STAR of the day! Handsome hor? I wasn't concentrating on what he was saying.. heh.. His name is Matthew and he is Kelly's cousin's son. So I call him Kelly's nephew. But Kelly calls Matthew his first cousin once removed. Bleah, sound so distant. Ang moh different system.

The ceremony takes place on a Saturday which is the Jewish Sabbath day or day of rest. A rabbi starts the ceremony and offer a blessing to the kid. Matthew gets to lead part of service which involves reading his favourite passages from the Torah book in HEBREW and the audience chanting or singing.

At some point, Matthew's grandma is called on stage to bless him. And his father puts the family tallit over him.

This is the family bowing before the Torah. During the service, this colourful scroll inscribed with the five books of Moses is taken from its ark, as the resting place is called. To symbolise the passing on of Jewish traditions and wisdom, Matthew's parents will pass the scroll to him. Matthew then carries the Torah in a processional around the synagogue.

After the procession, the Torah is spread open and Matthew recites a blessing from it in HEBREW. Imagine all the memory work the boy has to do for the day!!! The reading is followed by more songs and prayers then the birthday boy gets to do his speech.

Not a thank you speech. The speech is a religious one where Matthew summarises the portion he read from the Torah in English, does an interpretive teaching on it then talks about the impact of Judaism on his life.

Matthew's sister is so bored during the long ceremony that she falls asleep. Hats off to the uncle lor. He supported her head with his hand the whole time she was sleeping, so she won't fall, get a shock, wake up, see her family not with her and cry.

Yay! Matthew finishes at last and time for the scary part. He is hoisted up on a chair by 4 strong men and amidst much cheering, Matthew gets lifted out of the synagogue. Looks fun!

This is Kelly wearing a Yarmulke.

After the ceremony, there is the Kiddush. A ceremonial blessing where the guests partake of kosher wine and braided egg bread.