Ever imagined how it would look like if an ang moh did Bollywood? Wonder no more.

For everyone who has seen MJ's Thriller mtv, this is the Indian take on it.

went to bintan on wed. brings back memories of my time with you. it was the last time you were happy being with me. i'm glad we had at least one happy trip together after dragging you all over to shop on our other trips.

i smile thinking about the time in bintan. no emotions, just warm fuzzy memories. that is when i realise you are my past now.
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Online Dating

Talking more about sex worked.

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Online Dating

Remember the thrill of sneaking into R-rated movies? You can now do the same when reading this blog around your parents. I have been given the license to scandalise and titillate.

The R-rating was given to this blog due to the presence of:
- Jap (3x)
- Porn (2x)
- Hurt (1x)

Why is Jap a bad word??! Because Jap is a derogatory slang in America like how ah bu neh neh is a derogatory term here. I should talk more about sex sex sex sex sex and more sex to get an NC-17 rating. *sniggers*

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from Costa Sands Pasir Ris! Dammit!!!

Was there for BBQ and decided to do laundry. When it was time to get the clothes out of the dryer, Kelly and I found the door slightly ajar. Fishing the clothes out, we realised they were a little damp. But we were in a hurry to leave and didn't made much of it. It was only when we got back to the hotel that I discovered my shorts was missing. We were sure there was nothing left in the machines which leads to one conclusion. And those were my favourite pair of shorts! ARGHHHHH!

What made me angrier was that the stupid weirdo ONLY took my shorts. I mean if you want to steal, might as well take more right? Why only take my shorts? I feel so singled out. Stupid f**ker!
it feels sticky and hot all the time. Guess it will take a while to adjust back.
Instead my friend postponed its visit and came on the day I was flying home. Great. Ugh.
1. Sleeping at 3am and waking at 10am.
2. My favourite TV shows - Girls Next Door, Starter Wife, Army Wives, Kyle XY, Top Chef, Iron Chef, Ace of Cakes etc ...
3. Trash Mags!
4. Potentially spot celebrities and boob jobs. (I haven't seen any celeb on this trip but seen lots of boobs done.)
5. My favourite ramen shop at Little Tokyo (It's damn shiok, cannot find as good one in Singapore!)
6. Cheap Haagen Dazs
7. The shopping!
8. Hunter (Not a guy lah. My neighbour's super affectionate kitty who walks the neighbourhood like he's king.)
9. Squirrels and Hummingbirds that visit
10. It doesn't rain here! I hate grey gloomy wet days. Bleah.
Proof that Asia is rising. There is now something called the Asian supremist. As if this world doesn't have enough problems?! *rolls eyes*
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I need to figure out how to get a closeup. Thing is, they fly off as soon as they see movement. This shot was taken from inside the house using the zoom. Hence, the blurry shot.
Me: blah blah blah ...

Him: I love you.

Me: How come your comment is so short?

Him: Cos my love for you is without nuances.

All together now.
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I spent today reading this lady's blog. She was that interesting. Through it, I kept thinking how she is the female version of you and that you guys should be together. And then I thought if I was her, would things have worked out between us? I am in a perfect relationship now so why would I have such thoughts? I guess we will always wonder about the things we can't get. Even when I was with you, I wondered if things would have work out with the ex if I had been ...
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coming home in 9 days.

i have to look for a job when i get back. yes i know i nuah for 3months already, money all spent already and have to look for a job or risk eating west wind. but everytime i think of looking for a job, a barrage of negative thoughts invade. like ?
1) it's been 3 years since i went for job interviews
2) i am competing with newly minted graduates
3) i am starting in marketing which means low pay compunded by point 2
yada yada.

bad thoughts -> fear of failure -> low self esteem -> lack of motivation -> whininess. must psycho myself and turn things around. think positive. like?
1) I have 3 years of work experience.
2) I have a marketing degree like those graduates.
3) I am not expecting the sky when it comes to pay since I am staring out in Marketing but one advantage, I have 3 years work experience. *ding*

postive thoughts -> recovered self esteem -> motivation -> i can do it spirit.
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This is f***ing hilarious!

This is the first Free Hug campaign. Really admire people who can put themselves out like that. I guess being Singaporean, we are slower to open up.

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I thought this might be a more ang moh thing to do but the Free Hugs campaign has taken place in China, Korea and Japan. See on youtube.

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The Yoda who ripped me off got a free hug! Should have said I was part of Free Hug group and took a picture for Free! hahaha!

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*For closeup, click on pictures*

I got it in me to go Hollywood today so off I was! Among all these ang moh stars, I see ...

Our own Asian star - Jackie Chan!!!

Are Godzilla and Kermit the Frog considered stars too???!
Hollywood being Hollywood, even the shopping centre is very drama. See the Egyptian carvings and the elephant statue.

Of course one must go to the Grauman Chinese Theatre. The first time I was there, I just lingered outside to look at stars' handprints and shoeprints. This time round, I buy a ticket.

It is so grand inside! Hey, isn't this the perfect setting for watching Japanese horror?
Check out the washroom! It's practically a boudoir! Very 20s Shanghai with songstresses, Hui Man-Keung and Ding Lik.

Guess who I got waylaided by on my way out of the cinema? Fake 'Zorro' grabbed me and refused to let go till I took a pic. Even jio his friend, 'Yoda', to join us so 'Yoda' could make some money. Damn. Click to see how reluctant and awkward I look.
Life as I know it, used to take a set path. I just had to follow the path that others had tread or someone would tell me what to do. So I long for the freedom to make a choice. When I have it, suddenly I am thrown off track. I don't know what I should do with it. I don't have the confidence to charge so I choose to wait it out. But the mind is not accustomed to waiting. To stopping. To doing nothing. It's not just me but other well meaning people too so they offer advice. Which I know anyway. And that feels like ripping the bandage off a wound. It hurts, double.
*For closeup, click on pictures*

Mid afternoon beer. I never saw such a small beer mug. See the comparison to an average glass.

Singapore got donut queue. Here got Pinkberry queue. Frozen yoghurt with healthy toppings. I don't like it cos it's so bland. But this is coming from someone who should be in Desserts Anonymous.

Haha, I heart this tee.

Last week we got in line for the cemetery screening but didn't get in cos it was memorial weekend. We try again this weekend. Still got long line.

Yay! We are in!!! Creepy it might sound, the screening is smack in the middle of the cemetery so you have to walk past rows of tombstones to get there. And once you do, it is one huge picnic! Most people come early with wine, alcohol, food, deck chairs and friends to chope a good spot where you aren't blocked by a sea of deck chairs.

One hour before movie starts. Might as well explore the place. One headstone says Hitchcock, wonder if it is related to Alfred Hitchcock. Check out the other cool headstones.

There are some very grand tombs. Check this out.. One even has a gate! For what? Who will come out??? Or go in ..

I play with my camera function. Love the black-and-white.

Tres cool to be watching film noir in a cemetery. If only we can do the same in Singapore. I am sure it will be the next setting for Russell Lee's book.
There is a restaurant chain in US called Pink Taco. I learned that it is slang for female you know what .. Guess the restaurant has the male market share by that.
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Here's a secret: I religiously read PostSecret every Sunday. I laugh. I empathise. I sympathise. I wonder at how things can be so screwed up in this world. I want to send in a secret too.

So when I found out that Singapore has our very own PostSecret, I had to check it out.
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