My hands have been trembling for a few months now and a chance remark by my friend made me suspect hyperthyroid. After a blood test at the clinic, my suspicions were confirmed.

Hyperthyroid is easily treatable, though in certain rare situations you have to take medication for the rest of your life. What I'm more worried about is the substantial weight gain during treatment. My mind immediately jumps to my wedding in Oct and images of me bursting my wedding gown. Yes, depression is a symptom too.

Anyway, I'm sharing because it's easy to dismiss the symptoms of hyperthyroid as a one-off situation due to stress or caffeine overload. In fact, I have had some behavioural changes in the past few months and didn't think much of it until I got my diagnosis. If you have a few of these symptoms for a prolonged period, go get checked out alright?

1. Trembling hands
2. Increased Heart Rate/Heart Palpitations
3. Anxiety
4. Depression
5. Heat Intolerance
6. Breathlessness
7. Increased bowel movements
8. Light or absent menstrual periods
9. Fatigue
10. Weight Loss
11. Muscle Weakness
12. Warm Moist Skin
13. Hair Loss
14. Staring Gaze
15. Insomnia
16. Bad Temper
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we are told to be grateful for the small things.

But when something so big and wonderful comes along, one is completely bowled over. I am more than grateful, more than thankful, more than loved. I can only say 3 words to express how I feel.


Maria, thanks for supporting us! If I'm ever in Colorado again, I'll definitely look all of you up and treat you all to a good meal! Thank you for being so wonderful!

Karen, I always say this but it's never too much to say one more time. I always appreciate your words of wisdom and blessings. I feel very loved and know I can always rely on you for advice. Thank you!

Sabrina, how time flies! You are a wonderful mama, wife and colleague. That is something I have to learn from you! Thank you for your blessings, I hope to say this to you in person!

Erm Pat, why you like Charlie in Charlie's angels? Can hear voice, cannot see face. I heard something about a big big ang bao? You are giving me a big red packet? Thank you! And yes, I have learnt to cook. Teriyaki chicken. -_-

Simon, you remind me of a travel host on TV leh! Very professional! Thank you for your well wishes!

Chris, why you torture poor Loki? It was meowing pitifully, so sad! By the way, I don't know whether to think your ang moh bad or your Cheena bad. But thank you for your congratulations, corleek!

This is why I love my girlfriends! Muacks Muacks Muacks! Kelly, you have to do what they say okay? I got backing behind me... hee!

Faith-fu, for beautifully linking up all the little segments and creating a super touching vid. You didn't even get to be in front of the camera!!! But you did a pro job, thankew! Muacks!

Thank you for taking the time and effort to plan, create and be part of this video. I couldn't view the video in the package you all sent and only just got a new DVD from Lea. I'm sorry I took so long to see this video and really regret I didn't see it in LA. The feelings would be so different cos you are all so far away!!! Regardless, I'm still very very touched!!

V had a day off so we decided to go Cafe Brio for their 1-for-1 buffet lunch deal! Considering it was a Monday, it's surprisingly full house.

The selection was great and for someone who don't usually enjoy buffets, I really out-did myself. 3 plates of desserts!
China is not the only place that practises Chinglish, a mix of Chinese and English.

Taken at Partyworld, Shenton way.

THANK YOU to all of you for coming!!! The girl in red jersey is Simon's dughter, Megan. We had white pepper crab, chilli crab with fried buns, coffee ribs, No Signboard Tofu and Sambal Kangkong. The standard of their signature white pepper crab has dropped but tofu and coffee ribs were good, yums!

All the pretty girls! Thoughtful Shiawlin bought cupcakes all the way from Johor Bahru to celebrate Kaylor's birthday.

Kay's birthday is end of the month but we celebrate early for her!

Cute cupcakes! All the above photos taken by Simon, so you can see a marked difference in photo standard below. Hahaha!

We went to One on the Bund for drinks. This place used to be Clifford Pier but after renovations, it's a modern and very beautiful Chinese restaurant. Look at the curved walls, that's to block sounds from outside!

These were taken on another occasion in daylight. All the reviews I read said the food wasn't good. Anyone with an expense account, please try this place and let me know if the reviews are right!

Outdoor seating.

Look at the tables and chairs, so unique right? I want these in my house next time! You can see that they put a lot of effort into redesigning the place. If the food were good, I would definitely have my wedding dinner here!

Currently the view is not so great since the restaurant faces the construction of the Integrated Resort (IR).

And more construction.

The only nice view to the left of the restaurant with esplanade, flyer and more construction.

I think in life, we all have to guard against bitterness. Because it creeps up on us. And by the time we realise it, we just sink more and more into our own unhappiness.
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My friend is so darn sweet! Her birthday is months later but she decided to have an early celebration because I'm back for a month. Muacks!!!

Nope, my friend is not that little boy lah.

I also want a party at Mcdonald's! Growing up, I only went to people's birthdays at Mac's but didn't have my own. In fact, I have never had a big celebration, ever!

Happy Meals all round! Whee!!!

Cute little girl.

Erm, friends don't want to be in my blog.

My friend had a 'Back to the 90s' theme so I'm dressed like Donna from 90210. Tight dress, long jacket and ah lian booties. Those shoes always attract attention when I wear them. :p
Thank you peeps for your concern. Things are not very ideal right now but I will be strong to help.
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My friend received this email and supplied personal details to a very legitimate looking paypal site before realising it's a phishing scam. So if you are using paypal, beware! Look and look again!

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: |Read Now|
Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 13:54:00 -0500
From: || Pay|Pal ||

As part of our security measures, we regularly screen activity in the Pay Pal system.

During a recent screening, we noticed an issue regarding your account.

For your protection, we have limited access to your account until additional security measures can be completed.


\\Click here to resolve the problem//


Pay Pal Department

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I hate that you paw through every single item of my belongings like it was yours. Heard of privacy?
I hate that on one hand, you tell me to do away with a wedding here.
And on the other, you want a grand chinese banquet.
Today you sing to the tune of a wedding buffet.
Along with a melody of not having a wedding at all.
Well, let me change your song.
I rather not invite you if you are reluctant to be there.
Or if you spend all your time analysing the food and gossiping about it behind my back.
Rather than being happy for me.
So don't come and save me the pain.
It's my big day, remember?