My my, today I learnt that my tap water contains rocket fuel additive, dry cleaning solvent, an industrial degreaser, bromates associated with cancer and arsenic. Still, the government declares our water legally safe for consumption. It all boils down to outdated guidelines in the Safe Water Drinking Act. Since the rules implemented in the 80s, companies have been dumping more types of chemicals into the water.

Over the years, scientists have conducted continual testing of water sources nationally but their results have been lobbied against by economically motivated companies and strangely, ordinary civilians who think it's a sham to raise water rates.

In our home, we use a filter in the water dispenser. Though I wonder how much chemicals are removed. Yes, there is a bottled spring water option but I loathe having to spend extra money. I mean what's the point of paying for safe drinking water when all one can use for it is bathing and laundry? If you think about it, even washing dishes with tap water seem like a ticking time bomb.

On this track, how safe is drinking water in Singapore? I know we are always told it's one of the safest in the world but how safe is safe? What are the guidelines, what's filtered out, what's poured in? No one thinks to question and with perhaps 80%, 90% of the population subsisting on tap water, won't you want to know? It would be interesting, not to mention reassuring.
Maybe cos it's end of the year but I've been clearing gunk out of my life. From clothing to magazine clippings, products to blogsites. One just accumulates without fully utilising it all so I'm going to clear out what I don't miss. And take a curated approach to bringing in the new.
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We drove to this tree lot along Hollywood to pick out a Christmas fir for our house. This year, all the trees were adorned with big red bows which makes them look festive and ready to go home with you!

After we chose this little tree which the sales guy calls a gnome, he asked if we wanted to keep the bow. It cost $5.25 and he personally recommended we keep it to preserve the tree.

Total head scratcher. How can a piece of red ribbon lengthen the life of a tree and why does it costs so much? Naturally I said no, at the same time that Kelly said yes.

I looked at Kelly and asked why we were using the bow and not our own decorations. Kelly's turn to look weirdly at me. He seconded the salesguy by saying that putting water in the bow helps to keep the tree alive longer.

Then it dawned on me that they were referring to BOWL and not BOW. *slaps forehead*

The big red bow atop our little noble fir tree. This is a supermodel tree. I know how crazy that sounds. Just that this tree is a really good size and the way its branches are spread out evenly creates a beautiful symmetrical shape. Anyway.

The smell of fir has permeated the living room and it smells like Christmas!

My attempts at making Penang Char Kway Teow. Colour and taste could use some improvements but I managed to get that smoky flavour (wok hei)!

One min ago, there was nothing unusual about the scenery from my windows. To my astonishment, this lovely sigh greeted me seconds later. A double rainbow no less!

When was the last time I saw a rainbow? It must have been at least 2 to 3 years back. Rainbows just awe me but their beauty is fleeing. These were gone in 2 mins.
I've been less than inspired fashion-wise. For one, 70% of my wardrobe is black, grey or white. Which isn't so bad but my clothes are squashed together, sometimes 3 pieces on the same hanger, to maximise wardrobe space. So I can't visually mix and match.

And worst of all, I can't layer to save my life. So my perpetual uniform has become sweater, jeans and coat. Would you believe, I just bought my first pair of leggings?

I know I know, this is all so frivolous. But I like dressing up and it's hideous to be stuck in a rut.

Have this strong compulsion to colour my hair red.

Alas, my hair has been falling out in clumps lately due to hormonal changes related to the thyroid. The upside is that hair will grow back once my hormone level regulate itself to normal but it's going to take a long time. And I didn't have a lot of hair to begin with. Meanwhile, the number of strands has thinned considerably. It's like hide and seek with my scalp now.

So I am staying far away from chemicals, cuts and combing. Any recommendations for hair growth supplements?
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Charming, witty and a good laugh. I've been wanting to watch this for so long and dragged Kelly to the theatre tonight. We are in love with this gem of a film. Catch Fantastic Mr Fox when it shows in Singapore!
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