I wanted a chinese female for my first time. After looking through the list of dentists approved by my insurance company, there was only one candidate. I called to make an appointment and was told "Dr Carol Chen is very busy on Saturdays. But her husband can take you." Busy is a good sign. Husband of a busy dentist should be good. So I said ok.

The day started well enough. The dentist turned out to be an elderly Taiwanese who was absolutely delighted I spoke Mandarin. So he enthusiastically demonstrated flossing techniques and expounded on the merits of flossing and dangers of Periodontal disease, all in Mandarin to me. I haven't had a decent prolonged conversation in Mandarin after Verigy but I managed to nod at the right moments.

Once he finished his spiel, I was told to lie back for teeth cleaning. I don't know about you but my dentist in Singapore NEVER pushed the seat down until I am lying horizontal like a SIA Business class passenger. That would have been alright had not my dentist in trying to reach the back of my mouth, put his head so close that our noses touched and I could only see his lips. That's not all.

He NEVER once let me sit up to spit whatever plague and tar he was clearing from my teeth. When I motioned for him to stop and he realised I wanted to spit, he pushed the saliva sucking machine in my mouth and asked me to close and swallow. EWWW! Gross! But that's not all.

He was so intense on picking my teeth that he had my mouth open for a long long time. Long enough for my saliva to spill over and flow down my neck to my chest. Notice I said flow, not trickle. So I frantically felt about, trying to find the tissue he had given me earlier after taking my X-Ray. Meanwhile dentist was completely unaware of my plight. I didn't find the tissue cos it had fallen to the floor. When he was finally done, he saw the flooding and laughed. Dammit! How dare he! Then he proceeded to clean my chest (URGH!) with the bib he had put over me and NEVER replaced the bib. And guess what, that's not all.

Time to polish my teeth. Guess where he put the toothpaste.
(If you guessed correctly, you should change dentist.)

I know I am flat chested and maybe he couldn't tell under the so wet, so crumpled and so thin bib where my boobs start. But as a rule of thumb, you NEVER put things on a patient's body! I couldn't say anything cos I was pinned down under his intense concentration, looming head, polishing tool and saliva sucking machine. I am not sure he was aware of what he was doing either. After all, his wife was walking in and out of the medicine room next to where I was.

In the end, I didn't give him a piece of my mind. He had a really kind and patient manner when we met. And throughout the whole procedure, it didn't strike me that he was chee ko pek, more like oblivious. After I went home, I ranted to Kelly and found out that American dentists have a better sense of hygiene than him. URGH! I don't know if I feel better or worse. But I am so not going back to him 6 months later.

*** Evelynn, Jaycee, are Taiwanese dentists like this???? I hope not for your sakes.

The lucky thing about living in a big city is many resources are available. The problem is how to narrow them down.

Example: To find a wedding photographer, I searched 3 wedding websites and read countless forums which led me to ...

300 photographers. I meticulously scanned through their portfolios and narrowed the list down to ...

116 photographers. within our budget. I then ranked them according to the artistry of their work. That reduced the list to ...

68 photographers. Of these, I picked those specialising in photojournalistic style ...

40 photographers. I then pass the list to Kelly who would look through these 40 photographers and decide which ones he like.

After K has looked through those 40, we will determine who we both like. It's all very democratic and using this modus operation, we have drawn up the guest list, budget list, location list, officiator list, dance studio list and invitation-to-order list.

Of course if this were a work report, the list would be more concise. But where work reports has fixed criterias, things like wedding venues and photographers are subjective. It's super time consuming and tedious I know. But once you have selected a vendor, that's it. You leave your biggest day to the hands of this stranger and you want to make sure you find one that you really like and are comfortable with. I wish all the jie meis were here!

*** I have also been busy with our wedding website. Once it's done, I will post the link here. We are going to do it for the US wedding only since it's more the custom here.
what else can i do to get cash fast?

Today k and i were checking our accounts. though we have been watching our spending, we haven't saved any money. Taxes here are skyhigh. Not to mention you need to pay insurance for basic medical and dental care. So if you aren't covered by insurance, going to a general practitioner could set you back by hundreds. That's how expensive medicine is. But that's another story.

While we have a safety net now with some savings, it's bound to be rapidly depleted with no chance of replenishment by the end of the US wedding. I don't dare to think about Singapore wedding. Sometimes i wonder if we made the right decision in keeping me here. We would have spent twice the money on legal and procedure fees to get my status adjusted from Singapore but I would have been able to support myself and squirrel away money. Anyway, it's too late to reverse this decision. Which leaves the question of how i can get more money.

So while I wait, I am considering my non-legal work options. Babysitting is out, I am not exactly baby mama material. Waitressing is tempting. Reminds me of a running joke shiawlin and i used to make about me being an aspiring actress and she an aspiring musician and we would waitress to support ourselves while waiting for our big break. How true this is turning out to be!

If you have writing jobs lobang, I would greatly appreciate if you could let me know. I used to write for a popular Singapore interior design magazine, Homestyle. Also, if you want to get that Coach bag which is grossly overpriced in Singapore, I can help ship it back for a small fee. the price difference in bags is $300 at the very least. do the maths, you could save a lot!
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k decides we should write our own vows. i have no idea how to start.

1. i do not like face to face mushiness. much less in front of 70 people including my parents and in laws.
2. i can't do rehearsed presentations. i am the spontaneous kind.
3. i can write better than talk.

i think it would be a great idea to type out my thoughts on a laptop and project them. unfortunately our budget doesn't allow for a projector. back to square one. i need inspiration.

This is the most romantic love letter I have read! I should start putting caterpillars in k's soup to get inspiration.
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I usually hate memes but nowadays I am too busy to write long blog posts. Especially those that need to resize a lot of pics. Hence no San Jose or Vegas writeup. Meanwhile, Memes are very convenient.

01. At which age do you want to get married?
I always think 26 is the ideal age. Enjoy 2 years of honeymoon and have kids. I got married at 27. Quite close. Not sure about the kids now.

02. Who is more important to you? Friends or Girl/Boyfriends?

03. Who is/are the person/people that you trust most?
Correction. I thought this was a followup question from No.2 so I said Friends. People I trust most same as Question 15. Parents, husband and friends.

04. In a relationship, does how long you last with him/her matter?
Only if both parties can still maintain the same beliefs, values and principles.

05. What would you do if you saw someone abusing an innocent animal?
Shout at them to let the animal go. If that doesn't work, call police.

06. Do you believe in seeing rainbow after rain?
Yes. But they don't believe in seeing me!

07. Do you believe in eternity love?
Only God's.

08. Have you ever broken someone's heart that he/she tries to commit suicide?
All talk, no action.

09. What feeling do you love most?
Happy, Rich, Beautiful and Slim.

10. What feeling do you hate most?

11. If one day your boy/girlfriend and best friend quarrel, who will you side with?
Whoever that is right.

12. Does having a lot of best friends, really regard them as the real meaning of best friends?
Yes. We all hang out in a group lah!

13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?

14. Do you like to hang out with friends?

15. What/Who do you think is/are the most important in your life?
My parents, my husband, my friends and ME.

16. If you were on a ship, your mother and your boy/girlfriend(been together for 2 years) were knocked out of the ship, you only have one life float, who would you throw it to?
My mum. Cos K can thread water.

17. If your boyfriend were to two-time you, what would you do?
Say Bye Bye.

18. If time were to rewind, when will you want it to be?
Is it like a remote control? Then I rather fast forward to see how my life will pan out and make the changes now to prevent all the mistakes of my future.

19. Have you felt the true meaning of love?

20. What is the thing you tell you boy/girlfriend everyday?
If I am not angry, I love you. If I am angry, Good Night.

You've been tagged!
1. April
2. Cat
3. Evelynn
4. Jaycee
5. Rachel
5. Susanne
7. Everyone who is reading this!
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It's officially summer. It's the one season in LA I have not experience and after today, can't say I enjoy it. After the toe-freezing days of winter and early spring, I was so looking forward to warm weather.

But if that means 32 degree days like today, even opening all windows and blasting 3 fans doesn't help. It's hot to venture out plus the heat makes me lethargic. Escaping to the beach isn't much better. Imagine walking on burning sand. Lying under the sun, I feel like a baked potato.

By comparison, Singapore is much better. No doubt it's hot but there are more trees and more buildings which means more shade and plenty aircon. Even the public tranport is a relief. Air con buses. Air con trains. Air con interchanges. Here, the buses have no concept of air conditioning. If you are hot, open the windows. Which just lets all the hot air from outside in. It's like buses in the 80s.

So while Singapore is one big sauna, LA is like being roasted over a pit. Alive.


Scientists can now create synthetic diamonds from Tequila! Now don't go trying this at home cos' the method is not perfected yet. For one, not all Tequilas produce such success. And you would also need a low pressure chamber.

So women beware. In future, it might be hard to tell if the diamond ring he gives you is from an alcoholic source. Though at that moment, the feeling of euphoria you experience might be the same as slamming multiple tequila shots.

Article here.
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A Vivienne Tam Cheongsam, sale ends this Satuday! Should I get it for my second dress change for the wedding dinner?

iknowiknow. It looks like the black widow.
But it's VIVIENNE TAM! I am hoping the short length and sheer panels are saving graces.

Photo by ishootieatipost

D24. XO. Hong Xia.
Nope, Singapore Pools didn't come up with new lotteries nor are they cocktails. But if you know what I am talking about, then you are a Durian lover.

Good news for you. Four Seasons, a durian chain, has now opened a cafe where you get to sample the real deal and not worry about being ripped off. But wait, that's not all. In the next few months, they intend to open an air conditioned cafe where you can eat quality durians in cool comfort AND enjoy durian pastries like puffs and pancakes.

Joo Chiat is too ulu for you? Well, Four Seasons has a shop at the basement of AMK Hub where you can indulge in pancakes with creamy rich (and strong smelling) durian puree.

The funny thing is I don't eat durians. But I thought some of you might. Hee, let me know how this place is. My parents love love love durians. I can bring them there someday.

Four Seasons Durian Cafe
212 Joo Chiat Place, off Still Road.

Read ieatishootipost's review.

BMW's latest conceptual car is a shape shifter. While the powerful interior remains the same as its current 8-cylinder roadster, the real surprise lies in its outer body. Made of waterproof and temperature resistant mesh netting, the fabric-like material allows parts of the car to be retracted when not in use, thus increasing aerodynamics.

It looks Batmobile. Now if only BMW's version can fly and glide in water too. One big aesthetic problem, I don't like how the car door wrinkles when it opens.

All pictures from photo slidehow here.
Read more about this car here.

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Tiny hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant that sits 4 persons. If you are feeling claustrophobic, you can take your meal outside to a teeny table.

Unlike most Vietnamese restaurants, they don't serve pho! Like the restaurnt size, their menu is tiny too. Your choices are Sandwich, Vegetarian Bun Chay or Vegetarian Bun Mit.

Bun Chay: vermicelli noodles, soyskin rolls, shiitake mushroom and fried shallots drizzled with tomatoey-sauce.

Bun Mit: vermicelli noodles, jackfruit, shiitake mushrooms and keropok drizzled with tomatoey-sauce.

I wonder how the restaurant survives but what they serve, they do it well. I love their Bun Chay. When you wake up late on weekend afternoons, it's just the thing to fill you up till dinner in a few hours. Healthy, flavourful and doesn't overstuff your tummy. Perfect.

I love my new aviators. All the aviators I have tried always looked too big on my face or were too cheap and flimsy.

Recently, I walked past the discount section in a store that sells nicely-designed casual clothes that are way overpriced. And decided to have some fun trying on bugeye sunglasses. Amidst the big colourful shades, I spotted and fished out this pair of aviators. Past experience tells me it won't look good plus there was no mirror to help change my mind. But my ever-reliable fashion mirror, Kelly, persuaded me to get it. Even bought it for me.

I love it to bits. And just in time for summer.

how much these jeans cost? Look carefully.

Answer here.

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"I can see on my screen that 15 cell phones have not been turned off. You know who you are, turn them off now. Or I will withhold your peanut privileges. And you don't want that."

~ Overheard on my flight to Vegas


With WhizFreedom, you can now pee standing up. Which means you don't need to touch dirty seats or hover over the toilet on bad knee days.

My question is HOW DO YOU STORE IT? It's kinda icky, not to mention weird, walking around with a peeing device in your handbag.
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what is in this cup?

nope, it's not coffee or tea. hint#2: it comes with a spoon.

It's 芝麻糊汤圆 served in a coffee cup so you can eat on the go. Great idea right?
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I hate walking through Orchard tunnel. I hate walking to Ang Mo Kio station. I hate Saturdays. Someone is always asking me to buy tissues or make a donation. If I do, I feel the need to give more. If I don't, I feel guilty.

I have the gahmen to thank for the guilt trip. Because they sent me out to ask for donations. I understand standing for hours having to smile and be polite even when half the people are rejecting you. I take my revenge by chasing down those who avoid me. Then I smile at them and thrust my tin in their faces so they have no choice but dig into their wallets for coins. Those that mumble 'Don't want', I let them go. Cos they acknowledge I am human.

Mainly I feel guilty cos there are so many people asking and I have only so much love (money). And then there are stories of tissue paper syndicates, monk scams and con men. Who can you trust? So I volunteer my time instead. But that has its heartpains too. I realise the limit of what I can do if the other person doesn't help themselves. Gosh, I feel useless. So I stopped caring.

I don't want the noise or the celebrity stunts. However selfish or big-headed this sounds, I like to give cos I like to think I make a difference. I like to believe in the starfish story. That many many starfishes might be dying but every one I diligently throw back into the sea might live a bit longer. I finally woke up this week. K & I made a small donation towards the earthquake relief efforts. I am happy we did it together.

You can make a donation for the Sichuan Earthquake relief efforts here.

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Chanel Cruise 2009

will kill for these shoes.
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Guess it was expected. The girls sold out got their fairytale ending. Only Samantha and Charlotte stayed true to what they were from the beginning. I wish Carrie and Big didn't get together. I don't believe a commitmentphobe can ever change. Or does age and commitment have an inverse relationship?

Anyway. I have the BIG idea to do a Sex and The City wedding for Singapore. Since Vivienne Westwood is out of my budget, I shall be an offbeat bride. I have always heart Carrie's fuschia dress with cropped tuxedo. How's this for wedding dress?

We have done seaside chic and the US shindig is going to be vintage+DRAMATIC so Singapore wedding should be more fun ya? When I told Kelly about my Sex and The City idea and pink dress, all he said was "errr...". Of course of course. I shouldn't be so mean and give him only one choice. So he can choose either Sex and The City or Alice in Wonderland. There.

Save the Date is this ang moh tradition where couples send a card to their invited guests informing them of the wedding location and date so guests can block out the day on their social calendar. The picture on our card is our reception building. Isn't it gorgeous? I am waiting for card sample now. Hopefully the actual product looks as good as this.