I started twittering recently.

Adjusting picture quality to post on blogs can be tiresome. That is why I haven't been blogging much about life. For now, twitter might be easier. But did I just add on to my tech garbage?
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For Twilight fans, here's a real life version set in the romantic city of Paris and beautiful French beaches. There aren't any vampires but there is a Patrick Dempsey doppelganger and an 'Abercrombie & Fitch' hunk. Be warned, the tale is a long one but you will be hooked!
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My computer crashed a while back. After it recovered, I lost my motivation to blog. Wedding planning is consuming a lot of time. These were taken on my last night in Singapore. Lin and Lea fulfilled my wish of having prata at Jalan Kayu. Sweet girls!

I look like I had crawled out of bed... cos I just did! Haha!

My new favourite is condensed milk prata! Mmmmmm...

Made by Felix Götze from pieces of old German motorbikes, would you let your kids ride one of these? Heck, even I want one.

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I got this recommendation from a government email and want to share with you all. From now till 30 Sept 2009, sign up for Mediaring Talk and call the following countries for free!

  1. Fixed (landline) & Mobile: US, Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong

  2. Fixed (landline) only: United Kingdom, Taiwan and Australia
The catch? Each call is limited to 10 mins. But you can call and say Hi at no cost! Better than nothing right? Plus you can make multiple calls. I tried it out. The connection is quick and the sound quality is excellent.
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Ha, got you with that title huh? The trick to not shopping is not going out, not browsing online and not reading forums. Now, if only I can remember that.

Teens in Singapore don't really do anything unique for prom. Take a cue from these 2 British ladies who dolled up and put themselves in homemade Barbie boxes. Talk about arriving in style.
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you enjoy the pop of yucky squashed maggots. Those flies don't let up. Today I was in the bathroom with my hair up in a ponytail. Then this irritating buzzing started next to my ear. I turned to curse the damn fly, flicked my hair and slapped the side of my face with my ponytail.

Horses must really hate Summer.
There is a mass mailing worm going around.

DO NOT open your email attachment if you see any of these.
  1. Header: Remembering Michael Jackson
  2. Sender: sarah@michaeljackson.com
  3. Content: Secret songs and photos of Michael Jackson
  4. Attachment: Michael songs and pictures.zip
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Great new marketing tool from AsiaOne. Instead of targeting the general public, they put together a food guide for ladies only. This and their regular food column means double the advertisers. Good thinking.
Kelly has only met my parents and paternal grandma so I am really looking forward to the tea ceremony in Singapore. Not only would he be introduced to Chinese customs, he gets to meet my relatives personally. As we know, there is no time to talk to people during the wedding dinner.

Then my maternal grandma decides she doesn't want to go through the tea ceremony because she never did so for her paternal grandkids and it might be awkward to make an exception for her maternal grandkid (me). Read: People might gossip.

I respect and love my grandmas a lot. If I want to show my adoration, what has the decisions of her other grandkids got to do with me? To me, since I am having a tea ceremony, might as well do it for the whole extended family. Not like my family is very big anyway. My married friends, enlighten me. Does custom dictate you only serve tea to paternal family?
People wonder what I do with all my time. When the reply is "wedding planning", it's hard to fathom how an entire day can be taken up with that. I am hyper and OCD. Being sick has its usefulness sometimes. While I could kick back and enjoy the convenience a Singapore wedding package, I choose to scour through thousands of websites looking through hundreds of invitations, hundreds of shoes, hundreds of bridesmaid dresses, hundreds of accessories and more. Everything is done individually and nothing is done in small numbers.

My other job is writing for Examiner.com on my favourite topic, weddings. Examiner.com is an online news site with professional writers and a variety of interesting topics. Thus my site is more reporting driven with a focus on the Los Angeles wedding scene. But I like to include news, trends and beautiful weddings from all over the world.

Between this and my wedding, I am guilty of neglecting Love, Love Me Do. To think I can still contemplate setting up my own wedding website. I haven't got a clear focus for that yet so it will have to wait. Not forgetting the cat who is shedding like crazy and housework. I am kept busy. Only those tasks don't pay off monetarily. I need to look for a part time job but it's very irresponsible to quit in 2 months. Right?

Please help me spread the word and share my Examiner site with brides-to-be and grooms-to-be okay? Thank you!!!
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