Am very very sad. My mermaid style gown has arrived and to my utter horror, I can't zip it from the middle of my back up.

Considering the bride who wore it before me is 1.7M and has bigger boobs, I don't understand why I can't fit into the gown.

Not only that, it didn't arrive in perfect condition. Some beads had been torn off a strap and the hook fastening the back of the dress together is broken. I am not sure if it's the fault of the bride or the rough ride the dress had.

In any case, I learnt a big lesson. NEVER ever buy secondhand unless I can physically check out the quality. Good thing K was so tired from all the wedding errands it hasn't sunk in that I bought a white elephant.

Hope a seamstress can work miracles. Or I wouldn't know what to do with it. *prays hard*

Add On: Today as I was packing the dress into the box it came in, I found a pair of gorgeous earrings hidden under the bottom covers of the box. It's a lovely gift from the previous bride. How thoughtful of her!

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