Hunter was cat-napped!!!

Ok, now I have your attention, I must tell you it's 3am here and I have no intention of telling the story now. All I can say is that it was a good Hercule Poirot detective story. So check back soon.

Lately, Hunter likes to squeeze himself in odd corners.

Spot anything strange?

Hunter gets comfortable with the printer.

After my constant worry that Hunter will get poisoned from imbibing bath water, we finally got him a pet fountain! Cats like fresh water and their definition of fresh is fast moving, cool water. Hence anything gushing out of a spout must be 'fresh'. Kitty still sits in the tub waiting for me to turn on the tap for him. So I have to carry him up and put him in front of the fountain. After sniffing at it suspiciously, he eventually laps the water. Which makes me very happy. ^_^

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