Poor Kelly was suffering from flu the day his flight home was delayed by 2 hours. Then the next day, we discovered that his luggage had been shredded to bits. How on earth?

We lodged a report of course. But the airline countered with their company policy saying that we didn't report the incident within 4 hours of the flight so they cannot compensate. WHAT?! THEIR BAGGAGE HANDLING MACHINE SCREWED UP lor. Now we have to go through the hassle of looking and paying for a new bag but they won't compensate?!

K reasoned with them and the airline agreed to send the damaged bag to their headquarters in Texas to assess the damage and decide if they were at fault. So no one in LA can make decisions??? *rolls eyes* K and I were laughing at the thought of a committee standing in front of a conveyer belt, looking at all the damaged luggage bags and ticking off a checklist that said 'Our Fault' or 'Customer's Fault'.

K commutes weekly so we definitely needed to go shopping that weekend for a new bag. We found a different model that has been holding up so far. A week later, the airline called to confirm that it was their mistake and offered to compensate us with.... THE EXACT SAME LUGGAGE MODEL!!! *rolls eyes* What's the point when we have bought a new bag right? Can't they give us free round trip tickets instead? But no, they can only compensate one for one...

So anyone would like to buy a brand new Victorinox Tourbach™ 22" Expandable Upright? Online selling for $595 but we are selling for $200. According to customer reviews, durability is 9.5 out of 10! It's a good bag lah, just that Kelly has all his barang barang (stuff) in the new bag already. He's not the type to switch bags. If you know of anyone in US ...
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