This is rush hour in San Jose. I see a lot of tall buildings but very little people and cars outside. Americans prefer to start the workday early at 8am and leave by 4pm. This is past 5pm and there is no one in the streets! Where did they all go?

The hotel receptionist tells me that San Pedro Square is the place to go in the evenings. This is where people hang out after a long hard day at work. BUT ... WHERE IS EVERYONE?

I walk on and stumble upon this alley. Very Tuscany.

This quaint Victorian style house looks puny next to the modern apartments. But hey, surprise! It's not a house as I thought. It's a law office! How cool is that? Imagine working here! ;)
Just look at the tree and you will have an idea of how windy it is! I seek refuge in Starbucks. Mmmmm, white chocolate mocha and a magazine. Watching the world go by...
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