I am headed for the Berryessa Flea Market today. Founded in 1960, this is THE flea market that started the trend across US. On a weekend, there are as many as 2000 sellers. Yay! I anticipate good buys ahead!

I drop off Berryessa station but see nothing that resembles a flea market. There are no directions or signs either. The hotel receptionist had told me it is within walking distance so this is very suspicious. I asked an attendant at a nearby petrol station. I am in the right place but it's further inland. She points me to where I should be walking. I moved towards the highway. Along the way, a guy I met tells me it is 5mins away.
More than 5mins have passed. Still no market in sight. I walked on, my hands cold and shivering in the chilly weather. 20mins later, I see people! They tell me it is 5mins away. 5mins again?!

45mins later, I arrive. *Pants* I have found the mother of all flea markets!

I love flea markets and was looking forward to a day of unique finds and souvenirs. Instead of Hongkong's Ladies Street, Taipei's Shilin or Thailand's Chatuchak, this place is more like your neighbourhood pasat. Ooh, there were so many Mexican thronging the place and mainly Mexican sellers, I soon came to the conclusion that the Berryessa flea market is just your neighbourhood Mexican pasat! Still can bargain la if you have the guts and language skills.

Aha! Instead of walking all the way back to the Berryessa station, I discovered a bus route to another train station. I feel so smart.

This is interesting. One is used to seeing instructions in English and Spanish. But Vietnamese? I guess this means there is a huge Vietnamese community in this Mexican enclave.

I look at the bus guide and see that this tourist attraction is nearby. Since there is still time before nightfall, I head to the Mexican Heritage Plaza. The driver who is Mexican tells me the plaza is new and she herself has never been to it.

The cool drawings along a wall leading to the plaza's entrance.

This place is pretty big and ... quiet. For a heritage centre, there isn't anything going on. No exhibitions, no museums.. Just a small garden and a lot of buildings. Hmmm.. let's explore.

I find a small gallery with an interesting installation. That white thing hanging off the ceiling is supposed to be a body bag with a hook through it. The artist is protesting the Iraq war here. Then there's this strip of paintings outside the gallery. And that's all. Nothing else here. What a white elephant ...

Ok, time to head home! I got Kelly something from the flea market - Mexican Piniata. If he is stressed at work, he can vent by smashing this to bits to get the candy inside. How sweet am I?
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