Ooh, the weather continues its beautiful streak! We go whale watching today. Just as we are reaching the pier, I realised I left the memory card at home! Urgh!! Of all days! It's too late to turn back. Kelly and I device a plan. I queue for tickets while he runs to the neighbouring stores for a memory card. But all I see are restaurants and souvenir shops nearby. *Keeps fingers crossed* Yay! He returns with a disposable camera! *grins*

It is a sunny day but the winds furiously against us as we sail into the horizon. Brr!!! We go on for an hour but see no whales yet. Oh! The captain announces something surfacing to our right! The passengers all scramble to the front deck. Darn, it has disappeared! We have to wait 5mins for the whale to surface for air again. Everyone scans the waters excitedly....

Then someone shouts and points to a spot far-away. We follow the finger and I catch a teeny tiny strip of grey tail with big white spots! According to the captain, the white spots are whale lice and parasites. Yeuch! Suddenly I am not so keen on whale watching anymore. I look out for dolphins instead. They usually like to swim alongside boats but I don't see any. Sigh, today is not my day for fishies.

The whale doesn't surface again so we start heading back to the pier. But we see another bit of the whale on our way back. Hee, we haven't develop the pics. If they come out well, I will post them!
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