It's been a long time. A long time. I can't remember the last time you laugh. The last time you were happy. I wish I can help you. But I can't. Not now anyway. I can only pray you guys be a little stronger. Time is not on our side. They are not on our side. But it's up to us to make us happy. Is it not? Am I being too optimistic? Are these the words of someone who is not shouldering your burden? But I am. Do you not see? Each time you talk to me, it only gets a little heavier on my shoulders.

Even if I could help, would you be happy? Sometimes I wonder if it's you or the circumstances? We won't find out for now since the circumstances aren't favourable. But someday I hope you remember that we can't change the things we cannot control. But the things we can, let's do our best.

Saying a silent prayer for you. I wish I could be in both places at once if my presence brings a little comfort.
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