Contrary to the little I have blogged, April has been a super hectic month of travelling between North and South California.


Catching the setting sun in San Francisco Bay Area.

We drove along Highway 1 which has some scenic views of the Pacific coast. At Big Sur and Pfeiffer Beach, we saw waves taller than man crashing against cliffs. Unfortunately I forgot to charge my camera so no pics. Fortunately it was also a very foggy day. As you can see below, no point having a camera.

And I went to my first rave party!! It's no fun going to a party without all my friends. Somemore I was the door bitch! :p

Too bad I never got to display any bitchiness. Kelly did it all!! ;) Ha no la, he very good customer service. People would ask who is playing tonight, is so-and-so DJ here etc. I have no answers so Kelly has to deal with them. I tell you, that guy was a chiong-ster! he knows the scene.

Me? I just put wrist bands on people who paid. So much for being the door bitch. Guy in white is the organizer.

Hee, we strongly suspect that the party venue doubles as a porn production office during the day. Just look at the kind of rooms they have. Prison cell, sexy bedroom, airline seats, pool table, somemore got Egyptian statues!

Apparently glowsticks are not just for National day. People like to swing them about at parties. I guess smoking pot makes shining moving sticks very hypnotising.

The guys would love it here, I tell you. Look at girls dressed in bras, mini skirts and boots. Kinky siah! (and Kelly told me it would be ok to come dress in tanks and sneakers, I feel damn over-dressed looking at them!) Click on picture for closeup.
Sometime in April, I also visited the famous Stanford University in Silicon Valley. Bill Clinton's daughter was an alumni. Don't you wish our NUS, NTU or SMU look like this?

And I visited Angie who lives near Oakland. We went to San Francisco for the day!

So shiok hor.. the sealions just lie on the deck and sleep all day. When they wake, just slide to the sea and catch fish.

Of cos must stop at Ghiradelli's for their famous chocolate sundae!
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