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I am in two minds over our latest foodcourt makeover. Eating and reading are my two fav ways to spend a lazy weekend so the idea of having laksa in bookstore-like surroundings is highly appealing. But laksa is hawker food after all and I don't fancy paying more than $5 for it when I get great tasting ones at Katong for way cheaper. I said $5 because that is standard food court price. Why we pay for aircon just to jostle with a million other sweaty people for awful food, I don't understand. I digress here.

From what I read in the AsiaOne article, a bowl of pei dan chok costs $6.80 at this spanky new foodcourt.. That pei dan chok better come with LOTS of pei dan for that price. The novelty factor is there. Having nice surroundings for meals is well, nice. But I would rather go to a hawker centre for cheaper and possibly, nicer food or take my wallet to a restaurant where I get a nice ambience, aircon and be served.

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  1. zebby Says:

    wah someone is spending a lot of time surfing food sites!