Mother's Day might be over but there is no reason why the celebration should stop. I have always wanted to get a branded bag for my mom. Not that she would recognise any brand names but I think she deserves to be carrying one. If like me, you can't afford one yet, consider this:

The Handbag cake from Neiman Marcus ~ a delicious triple Belgian chocolate mocha cheesecake. Costing USD190 not including shipping, this is one branded handbag/cake. Granted she can't tote it to wedding dinners or kaki gatherings but this is one cute cake your family will remember always. Just don't let her know how much it costs you.

Get it here:
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2 Responses
  1. peppermin Says:

    Hey gal..hows life..
    I MISS YA!!!!!


  2. ilane Says:

    Hey hey!!! trip to Taiwan coming up! Have fun yeah!!!

    I am doing great, will blog more!! ;)