which means we get a 3 day weekend. Yay! We go down Melrose and saw a car with the same name as Kelly!

We go to the famous hotdog stand in LA, Pink's! OMG, look at the queue!

It's no longer a stand. They have an attendant hand out menus and a history overview to people waiting in line. Pink's even has their own parking lot.

We queued for over an hour and look hungrily at the people sitting under the shade having hotdogs. :p

FINALLY we get our 4 hotdogs and onions rings. It was gone in a while. Satisfaction ... I discover my camera's sepia function and pose like I was in the 60s.

I asked Kelly to do funny poses. He is very fond of this hip hop pose. See previous entry.

When night falls, the ghouls come out. We head to a cemetery for movies ..whoooo! Another long line! Seems like everyone had the same idea for holiday weekend. We didn't manage to get in.

Next day we go hiking at Topanga Canyon. Look what I saw before we started the hike. A list of the reptiles we might come across including Southern Pacific Rattlesnake which is poisonous. Gulp!

We see a deer instead. Deer = No snakes. Good sign!

3 hours later, the ocean is nearer. I have a Borat moment.
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