coming home in 9 days.

i have to look for a job when i get back. yes i know i nuah for 3months already, money all spent already and have to look for a job or risk eating west wind. but everytime i think of looking for a job, a barrage of negative thoughts invade. like ?
1) it's been 3 years since i went for job interviews
2) i am competing with newly minted graduates
3) i am starting in marketing which means low pay compunded by point 2
yada yada.

bad thoughts -> fear of failure -> low self esteem -> lack of motivation -> whininess. must psycho myself and turn things around. think positive. like?
1) I have 3 years of work experience.
2) I have a marketing degree like those graduates.
3) I am not expecting the sky when it comes to pay since I am staring out in Marketing but one advantage, I have 3 years work experience. *ding*

postive thoughts -> recovered self esteem -> motivation -> i can do it spirit.
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  1. zebby Says:

    Yes don worry. You can do it!