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I got it in me to go Hollywood today so off I was! Among all these ang moh stars, I see ...

Our own Asian star - Jackie Chan!!!

Are Godzilla and Kermit the Frog considered stars too???!
Hollywood being Hollywood, even the shopping centre is very drama. See the Egyptian carvings and the elephant statue.

Of course one must go to the Grauman Chinese Theatre. The first time I was there, I just lingered outside to look at stars' handprints and shoeprints. This time round, I buy a ticket.

It is so grand inside! Hey, isn't this the perfect setting for watching Japanese horror?
Check out the washroom! It's practically a boudoir! Very 20s Shanghai with songstresses, Hui Man-Keung and Ding Lik.

Guess who I got waylaided by on my way out of the cinema? Fake 'Zorro' grabbed me and refused to let go till I took a pic. Even jio his friend, 'Yoda', to join us so 'Yoda' could make some money. Damn. Click to see how reluctant and awkward I look.
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