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Mid afternoon beer. I never saw such a small beer mug. See the comparison to an average glass.

Singapore got donut queue. Here got Pinkberry queue. Frozen yoghurt with healthy toppings. I don't like it cos it's so bland. But this is coming from someone who should be in Desserts Anonymous.

Haha, I heart this tee.

Last week we got in line for the cemetery screening but didn't get in cos it was memorial weekend. We try again this weekend. Still got long line.

Yay! We are in!!! Creepy it might sound, the screening is smack in the middle of the cemetery so you have to walk past rows of tombstones to get there. And once you do, it is one huge picnic! Most people come early with wine, alcohol, food, deck chairs and friends to chope a good spot where you aren't blocked by a sea of deck chairs.

One hour before movie starts. Might as well explore the place. One headstone says Hitchcock, wonder if it is related to Alfred Hitchcock. Check out the other cool headstones.

There are some very grand tombs. Check this out.. One even has a gate! For what? Who will come out??? Or go in ..

I play with my camera function. Love the black-and-white.

Tres cool to be watching film noir in a cemetery. If only we can do the same in Singapore. I am sure it will be the next setting for Russell Lee's book.
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