Arena is a live band bar with free admission on a Saturday!! That made us very very happy... =)

There were many groups of expats there - ang mohs, indians and chinese. This ang moh couple decided to give us some live entertainment of their own. The girl was touching her huge boobs and at one point, her hands strayed to the guy's thigh. i didn't want to see if it went anywhere else. of cos the guy reciprocated by stroking her chest. all these while the band was rocking damn loudly on stage. how is that a turn-on??!

Band was good but we were right next to the stage so it was a relief when they ended. I met up with Hongs who was there to celebrate a colleague's birthday and we yakked away till the next set. this time, it was a different band. the lady in the picture below started stretching away. stretching is good but shouldn't you do it off stage? more pro right? anyway.

it was good they stretched. the lead singers were very high energy - leaping, sliding, dancing and pointing their fingers at the audience to connect. at one point, the lady's dance moves look like our great singapore workout. hmm. they were so inspiring the indians started to clap and dance along as well which is very fun of them! can you imagine how the live band feels with a crowd of stony singaporeans who just sit there to listen ma jiam like symphony orchestra? i also just bopped about in my seat. *hangs head in shame*

after Arena, we headed for Selegie K-Box. On our way there, we began scaring each other talking about horror shows. talk until we decide to go watch Alone instead. Heng, the showtime at 2am and we were one hour early. I damn scaredy cat ok? We ended up watching Paprika, Japanese Anime. It was very fantasy, me likes the story and graphics. Then Win sent all of us home, arigato! Poor guy didn't have a bit the whole evening, i feel sorry for him.

Sigh, i so hate working Sats. It feels like Fridays when I get off work. Then when Sunday comes around, I realise I have to go back to work tomorrow. I feel shortchanged!
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