There were Ivy Lee, Phyllis Quek and Huang Shinan. I expected the actresses to be super thin but they looked like they do eat. Also, expected them to have thick makeup but I never imagined thiiiiiis thick! If foundation was flour, Ivy Lee and Phyllis Quek had one roti prata plastered to their faces. Guys are not spared, Huang Shinan had thick eyeliner too!

Huang Shinan

Ivy Lee and Phyllis Quek kept mostly to themselves. Huang Shinan was gregarious. As they were filming early in the morning, the air-conditioning wasn't turned on so he just walked up and down fanning himself and commenting how hot it was to us.

When one of the crew injured herself, Shinan came up to my colleague and I for medicine. He asked for some ointment that we never heard of so we just shook our heads and stared blankly at him. After repeating the word a few times, he then asked us "Are you Singaporeans?" "Japanese ah?" My colleague and I looked at each other and laughed. I replied him, "No lah, we Singaporeans. But don't know what is the jam-something you want." Colleague even smarter, "Let me go see what we can use in the first aid box."

Ivy Lee

I brought my camera but decided it was too crass to ask for pictures. So I did the papparazzi thing. And there you have it, my brush with local stardom.
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