vy, xi and i decided we needed exercise so we headed for the swimming complex. If you are someone who has sunk a float before like yours truly, swimming is a dangerous activity. Yes, floats can be sunk. So remember, only hold the sides of a float even if your natural instinct is to plop yourself on top of it.

the pool was teeming with kids having swimming lessons. all that was left was a small square that we each covered in one stroke. so we did as vy said "pretend we are in a cafe chatting". Then the kids began doing laps and we had an empty lane to ourselves but not for long. So I gleefully kicked off.

sometime later, i ran out of breath. thinking i was neared to the 1.2M part of the pool, i stood up to catch my breath. To my horror, I found myself submerged! I had unknowingly swam near to the 1.8M section. Running out of breath, I jumped on the floor so that propelled me through the surface for air. Soon I was back down and gasping. So I jumped again and breathed. But it got tiring and my lungs were expanding painfully with lesser and lesser air each time.

I knew I had to make it to the edge of the pool. So I started a new rhythm - bounce, breathe, kick. bounce, breathe, kick. All around me, I could see tiny legs gliding by and adults swimming past me. Why didn't anyone stop to give this girl who was shooting out of the pool and gasping for breath a hand??!

By sheer desperation, I made it to the edge. Thank God. All I could do was just gulp in large breaths of air. When I slowed down finally, I saw a pair of yellow crocs before me. They then walked nearer to ask if I was ok and then in a tsk tsk tone, "Next time don't panic. The more you panic, the more you sink. And if you cannot swim very well, don't swim across. stick to the 1.2M end." I was so malu I wanted to just let go and sink again. All I did was nod meekly at the lifeguard, bending my head so the people around me couldn't see my face.

Now wasn't it written on the job description that a lifeguard is suppose to save lives? Then why wait till the fella has rescued herself from near death and proceed to reprimand her? Or are they waiting for the fella to lose conscious and sink before diving in? I don't understand.
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