I am moving into new waters but I do not believe I need to start from ground zero. Because I am better than that. But I need to meet the right people who believe in me and will guide me.
Lesson#1: Smarts and hard work is only effective when it's pitched to the right audience and guided by the right mentor.

I had dinner with my boss's friends tonight. They are young but lead such colourful lives. It makes me a green monster until the thought pops into my head "Why can't that be me too?"
Lesson#2: It is important to work hard but as important to play hard.

I met a happy cab driver at midnight. Coming from a high fliers' dinner, it is refreshing to hear a cabby who works hard but doesn't earn as much, expound on how much he enjoys his job. One passenger even told cabby that he was lucky to have only one job unlike executives who have to Bao Ka Liao for a little more pay. My cabby agrees wholeheartedly.
Lesson#3: Happiness is a state of mind.

I have been depressed about my job status lately and that has unfortunately seeped into my behaviour. I am sour and whiny.
Lesson#4: Thank God for supportive family, patient friends and a boyfriend who always listens and encourages!
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