Interesting customer is at it again. Let's call him Mr K. I initially thought he was Korean. He's not but behaves like the traditional Korean guy anyway.

Incident #2 - Day of event
Mr K: Why don't you remove it?
Me: My mole?
Mr K: Ya, you look more beautiful without it.
Me: I checked with the doctor. It would leave a scar. So it's either mole or scar.
Mr K: Now got lasik wat.
Me: Er. Lasik is for the eyes.
Mr K: I mean the thing they use for lasik. What is that? Ah, laser.
Me: Er, I never check what my doctor would use. But there would still be a scar. Anyway, my parents don't want me to.
Mr K: Aiya, go get married. Then your husband would have the final say.
Me: (trying not to roll my eyes) What if my husband don't mind?
Mr K: (ignores what i just said and continues his spiel) But if your parents don't like then you also cannot do anything lah.

I look beautiful with or without it and it's not polite to point out to someone you meet for the second time that they have a facial disability. Even if you think you are like my father, you aren't.

Incident #3 - The day after the event
Mr K calls up. " Let me give you some tips for the next event. Blah blah blah." After he finishes spilling, he hangs up. I can't even get a word in. Now, who is the rude person?
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