He just got his taxi not long ago. One day he was driving along Chua Chu Kang when he saw a lady flagging his cab. He picked her up and was told a destination. As he set off, the lady added that he had to wait 15mins at the destination because she was picking her mum up. The driver rationalised to himself that he would missed the opportunity to add to his income for the day if he waited so he refused the lady. One word from each and it soon escalated into a verbal war. The lady said in Mandarin, "You got no right to tell me what to do. I will only talk to the operator. I tell you wait means you wait." That fired up the driver and he shot back "You cannot talk to me like this. I as old as your father, must show me some respect!"

They reached the destination eventually. Thank goodness her mum was already there. The lady got out and told her mum to get in. She then stood outside apparently waiting for something. Her mum saw and asked what's going on. Lady replied "The driver was so rude. I asked him to wait but he won't. So I will make him wait." The driver heard the exchange but there was nothing he could do. The lady leaned against the taxi for a good 15 minutes before getting in. The driver was damn pissed but he drove them to the destination. When they reached, the passenger was still lamenting to her mum in English on how rude he was. The driver turned around and sprang a surprise of his own You don't anyhow say, think i don't understand." After she got off, she promptly lodged a complaint against him. But the company found nothing wrong with his conduct and he was not charged.

4 years later.

He was driving along Chua Chu Kang and a couple flagged down his taxi. The husband got into the front passenger seat while the wife got into the back. They then rode in silence. It was strange and the driver peered into his rearview mirror to peek at the lady. Gasp! She was the same lady who lodged a complaint against him 4 years ago! The driver immediately turned to the husband to strike up conversation. "4 years ago here, i pick up a girl who want me to go pick her mum out. She made me wait 15mins even though her mum arrive already. Then go complain against me. I hope she is dead now. I hope that even if she is not dead, she has cancer. This kind of person don't deserve to live. When she dies, she definitely cannot enter Heaven... " The cursing went on. While the girl in the back sobbed away...
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