I don't believe in buying expensive shoes. I do love my choos, but I can't bear to turn them into the devastating sight below.

when my shoes repeatedly stub the escalator steps.

when i run after buses or trip over ledges or get my heel stuck in tiny holes on the road.

i need new shoes. i am very particular about my shoes. because i am short, i need heels. but because i carry a damn freaking ton of brick (laptop), i can't wear high heels. they have to be the right height.

then there is the size of the heel. it cannot be too thin, no support. it cannot be too thick, ugly.

no patent, too passe.
no wedges, cannot wear skirt with it.
no brown heels that doesn't match the black colour, ugly lah.
too rounded tip, too girly.
no alligator nose, too witchy.
no strappies, not pro.
no back strap, they come off everytime.

yes yes i know. i am very fussy. up until this point when i am writing it down, i didn't even realise all these go through my mind when i assess the buyability of a pair of shoes. of course i can't find my perfect shoes so i settle.

did i mention i wear size 6.25? when i bought the spoilt black shoes at charles & keith, i couldn't slip into 6 while 6.5 was a little loose. so i asked the salesgirl if they had those insole things that reduces shoe size when you slip them in. happily they had and didn't even charge me for them.
when i went to primavera and spotted the black shoes i eventually bought, i faced the same issue. i couldn't fit comfortably into 5 or 6. so i asked for the insole thingy. the salesguy brought out dirty grey ones and my shoes fit. when i asked him for new ones, he said he didn't have. i asked to buy some, they didn't carry any either.
and it dawned upon me that shoe stores don't just sell shoes. they sell a service too. like any service industry, it is important to think ahead of the customer and anticipate needs before the customer even realises there is one.
charles & keith had clean insoles for customers so they could have the shoe fit them rather than have them fit the shoe. they had clean insoles to sell so customers need not search for it. they gave it away free so customers are happy. and they share their 'bargain' with friends. like now.

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