me is a very happy girl this year because i celebrated with all my loves!

xin and i were at Clarke Quay's Tapas Tree. We drank fruity (potent) red wine sangria, ate delicious sausage and potato tapas, looked out at the shimmering lights on the river while being serenaded by spanish love songs ... very chillout. i like.

min, thanks for the treat! hee, i was playing around with a function on my camera and didn't get a proper pic of xin and min.
then deb dropped by on the actual day for lunch and passed me a dale handphone holder. i had been looking for a dale toy for k and deb thought i was nuts about them. note the pun?
thanks peeps for all the SMS that flowed through the day! it feels so good getting each one.. very touched. my dad was away so i dined with my mum at my workplace. me is loyal worker hor?
yay! i got my longheld wish of going to Dempsey all thanks to the verigy folks. we checked out hacienda but the DJ's trippy beats were so loud that we were yelling across the table. We then requested to move to a quieter part which was completely empty. but we were told that they only open it after 10pm. when questioned about the rule, our server was sppechless.
after repeated questioning, they finally opened up the outdoor area and set a table for us. it was the same big table so we self-move to a smaller wooden table. we were all about to sit down when tru jumped and started scratching herself. someone pointed to rows of ants moving all about the table. ok, time to move place. we ended up at ben & jerry.
kudos to simon for ever being the focused photographer while the rest of us were devouring the ice cream and cake. thanks peeps for celebrating with me!!! i love you all!
surprised by birthday cake
everyone used my birthday wish(es) to make their own.. eh, will the wish fairy get all confused? winning toto topped the list.
how dare you call my cake ugly?! here, take that!
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