new pub? No! it's a bus! Nokia revamped 4 SBS buses with comfy white leather couches that come with armrests, bar stools and a fancy red interior. this is what we call travelling in comfort. too bad it's only for a short period.

nope, this is not tea but lychee martini served on dry ice at mandarin hotel. with such a huge teapot, it's a pity we had only 1 lychee.

like a club hor but this was taken in our room at TopOne KTV opposite Bugis junction. The place used to be Icon shopping mall but now has 5 levels of ktv rooms with different themes on each levels. There is also a 麻辣火锅店 and it's always crowded. Must go try someday.

My girlfriends and I checked out TopOne last Friday. We paid $12.90/head for 2 hours and that comes with 1 drink and 1 snack. The blended iced fruit drinks come in really tall glasses, so no fears of running out tho it's only 1 glass. And their snacks menu is quite special eg. spicy beef jerky, mango pudding, sesame peanuts, fries.. stuff you don't get typically.

TopOne doesn't have a remote system but their song terminal is easy to use. Once you get the hang of it, you will find a large and updated selection. Plus you can twiddle with their lighting. There's bright, soft, disco (like camera flash, very migraine-inducing) and my favourite as seen in the picture.

After our 2 hours, the staff never come to chase us out so we happily sang for a while more. Still never come chase us. we were wondering if they gonna charge an extra hour so we called for service. They didn't charge us more but ask if we would like to extend which we did at the same rate for another 2 hours. After those 2 hours, the staff still never chase us. We did the same thing and they offered to let us continue for another half hour FREE!!!

All in all, we paid $26 for 4 1/2 hours of singing. Very value-for-money. I'm thinking that they are being so nice cos the place is still new and it was really quiet for a weekend. Before the world finds out about it, I will go back to enjoy first!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    wah so cheap leh!

    Bro Harvey