I received complimentary movie tickets from my company as a birthday gift and decided to treat myself to Death at a Funeral. Brit humour, I like I like. I wanna catch some shows at French Film Fest. Who's keen?

Death started at 9.30pm. I knocked off at the same time and rushed to GV VivoCity. The ticketing guy offered me a seat 3rd row from the back which I took. But on my way to the theatre, I realised my ticket said H-01. Meaning I had the leftmost aisle seat. So many people watching 9.30pm movie on a Tuesday meh?!!

When I entered, the theatre was only 15% full. On my row, there were 3 seats between me and the nearest guy. A couple sat in the middle of the row below me. I could have been placed in a more central location so why was I assigned an aisle seat? It seems to me like discrimination of the single female at a movie theatre.

I have been right 10 times out of 10. There is always a traffic accident on CTE between 10am - 11am. You have been warned.

Why is everyone on the road at 10 - 11am? Ain't they suppose to be at work already? and why is there ALWAYS an accident during this time?
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