the skies opened up when we met. I had asked alice to accompany me in checking out some restaurants and her dear bf offered to drive us around. It was so sweet of him. especially when it poured the entire afternoon.

Stop 1: Da Paolo at Rochester Park

Da Paolo, according to my ex-boss, serves the best Italian food in Singapore. So I was really eager to check this place out. the staff were on their lunch break when we got there so the restaurant wasn't properly setup. still, there is a minimalist beauty about the place.

The dining room upstairs was washed in white. A mirror on the far end expands the visual space while a timber curtain provides contrast. i can imagine my girl friends and I having a cosy chit chat here. courtyard looked like it belonged to someone's garden party with its simple setup. a water feature on the side adds a nice touch. this setup is perfect for wine on a breezy night.

A place to visit for casual dinners and intimate conversations.

Stop 2: Graze at Rochester Park

We were introduced to Kevin when his staff saw us wandering in. Graze specialises in Australian barbeque. after knowing that i was looking at his place for a party, he immediately told us it wasn't cheap. while the warning was nice, it was a little too soon in the conversation.

This courtyard definitely looked more comfortable than Da Paolo's. I had very bad experience with outdoor wooden furniture and red ants so the furniture at Graze wasa more comforting to me. (though i never saw any red ants at Da Paolo's when i was there.)

Interior featured long canteen tables with steel-backed seats but the glass chandeliers and christmas table decorations gave it a semi-formal feel. Tis a nice place to meet up with friends and fellow meat lovers. (Contrary to what Kevin had said, their proposed menu were very reasonably-priced.)

Stop 3: Min Jiang at Rochester Park

Min Jiang at Rochester is the offshoot of Goodwood Park Hotel's Min Jiang. Alice says the dim sum there is yummy. At Rochester, the decor was classy though nothing very special. Reading about the camphor wood and tea smoked duck made me drool.

Stop 4: Jewel Box at Mount Faber
They were preparing for a party when we reached. Which is just perfect cos I got to see how the layout would be done. The place is to sleek, like an ice palace. I love love the full length windows which gave a splendid view of sentosa and cable cars. I imagine a dark sky littered with twinkling stars and the colourfully-lit cable cars. Avoid looking down though. There's some construction going on and it is a mess of steel, mud and cranes. Ans this I really don't like. The event lady was probably stressed about the set up for her event that night and she was pushy to the staff. Also, she made it clear that we were in her way and that we should buzz off soon and talk to her another day. *humpfh* That spoilt the nice impression we had of the place.

It was raining when we were at jewel box and the rain added a touch of romanticism. We felt like we were inside a waterfall.
(They require a minimum of 30 persons and $3,000 to make a booking.)

Stop 5: Da Paolo at Cluny Court

Da Paolo again! the party was on a sunday and rochester wasn't open on sundays. so they recommended the Cluny court outlet.

A long bamboo walkway led to the restaurant. hee, i have a particular fondness for walls of bamboo. they are very peaceful and leads me into flights of imagination when i picture wu xia fighting scenes in my head. the courtyard's smaller than Rochester's but it's good if you have a big group. Go in the evenings or night, not so hot.

Love the interior decor. there is a long bar on one side. at the end is an open kitchen where you can view the chefs preparing your delicious pasta. and i really like the long log seat and stone wall. so chic. though it's not so good if you have a bigger group because the tables can't be joined. Sit outside in that case.

Stop 6: Island Creamery at Serene Centre

It's been a long and wet day and we decided to pamper ourselves with something cold and wet - Ice Cream! hahaha. This is us having brain freeze with our teh tarik and nutella ice cream. Thanks Alice and bf for accompanying me. While each restaurant had their special points for me, none of them were THE ONE. Guess it will come down to menu and price.
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