We got mail! and it has Kelly's name and address handwritten on it. Could it be his mom?

There is no letter, Look what we found instead?

It's a newspaper advertisement from a used Ford car dealer. The deal is circled and there is even a note specially addressed to Kelly from 'J'.

*shudder* extreme Direct Marketing. Our first thought is 'It must be tiring to write so many notes.' and then 'WHERE did a car dealer get our names and addresses from?'

So did it work? Such tedious work to personalise every note and envelope would be the result of much research right? No lor, Kelly is not thinking of buying a car. In fact, he got his current car 9 years ago. Maybe it's time huh? hahaha. But Kelly doesn't like Ford cars.

Strangely, that very night Kelly had a dream about a car dealer. Looks like the ad worked on Kelly's subconscious!
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