Saturday we went for a long long drive and ended up at ...

the Pacific Ocean!

K was randomly driving us around but the 2 hour drive ended in Palos Verdes. This is a super affluent community. Lots of rich people, country clubs and golf courses. There is a Donald Trump golf course here!

We are at Point Vicente park, a popular spot for watching gray whales migrate. January is a peak time for whale watching, that's why all these people are up there with binoculars. We reached in the afternoon and 3 whale sightings have been recorded already.

Besides couples and whale-watches, there are people who like to walk along the path, hands in pocket, gaze out at the sea and be deep in thought. Like the man below. This guy has a moustache and goatee and was dressed in a beige sweater. Really like a poet!

K says this place is a popular suicide spot. See how steep the cliffs are. The waves are really strong too.

Though I think people who jump here will be killed by the jagged rocks first.
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