It's been pouring in Los Angeles, everyday for 5 days now. Weather guy says this will continue till Monday. Great. I have to say though the rains here are nothing compared to Singapore's thunderstorms where you get drenched even with umbrellas. They are more like bathroom showers here. Still gloomy weather doesn't inspire one to go anywhere.

After being cooped up for a while, I ventured out to the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. Cos I really really wanted to check out their current Murakami exhibition.

If you are wondering who is Murakami, he designed these.

The Geffen Contemporary@MOCA

Stepping into the exhibtion is like entering a fantasy cartoon world where you are among colourful creature with multi-eyes, dysfunctional mushrooms and cheery smiling flowers. I wish I could take some pictures to show you but security was tight at every art piece. :(
Wandering among the trippy wonderland, a particular exhibition stood out because it was so incongruous with the others. Two figurines, one female and one male holding their privates. Next to them, 2 paintings titled 'Milk' & 'Cream'. Go figure. :)
*PG: this guy took some pictures. Dunno how he managed to evade the tight security.

I spent a happy afternoon away from the grey skies outside.
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