It is Kelly's dad's birthday! Kelly takes all of us to celebrate at Mimi's cafe. So many flowers, looks more like Mimi's florist!

hehe, Kelly don't look like his dad hor?

We waited and waited but our waitress was very busy. Dunno why also, not a lot of people. (See pic below) But we already pay, so she bo chup us. In the end, my super long arms came to the rescue. My head looks damn big and awkward, like photoshopped in. Blah.

Kelly also bought his dad a book on Porsche. Don't play play, his dad used to be a race car driver!
Kelly's dad stays at Lakeforest. Nice name hor? But the lake is man-made wan. He also bought a new boat recently and I asked him to teach me to steer. His dad was a bit apprehensive cos I can't drive a car, what more a new boat. *Glup*
But being a nice guy, he handed the steering wheel to me. Yay! My shi-fu is holding a beer. I suppose that helps. ;)

See how confident I am? That's me sneakily increasing the speed. Shh..

Max is the family dog who loves boat rides. Though he's not so sure about the new captain.
"She is NEW at this?!! Oh no!"

"Hey, you two! Why are your eyes closed? Safety, people!"

Max gets distracted by something in the lake.

It's a swan! This is the last one left on the lake. Its partner died before Christmas. :(

I very very narrowly avoided the swan. I have been steering the boat away but it takes a long time for it to change course. So I was counting on the swan to swim away. BUT IT DIDN'T!! We slid by it just a little bit. Phew! I don't want to kill the last swan!
Having witnessed my superb steering skills, Max gathers some courage to co-captain with me.

"Humans, stop chatting and focus on the steering!"

"Ahhh, we are gonna crash! I don't want to see this!"

"That was close. Okay, I am getting out of here."

When Max left me, I lost the sharp eyes and competent barkings of my co-captain. Still, I pulled myself together and we successfully completed our ride.
My shi-fu then took over to dock the boat. That is advanced level, for lesson 2. And I scooted back to the arms of a relieved Kelly.

I am a certified boat driver now. Anyone want to ride with me*?

*Disclaimer: The captain is not responsible for any stranded passengers when the boat does not dock.
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