Hehe, this is not a mini vaccum cleaner. It's a leaf blower. I simply don't see its usefulness at all.

The blower is supposed to produce a gush of air to lift the leaves so they 'float' to where you want them to be. But leaves being so light, end up being scattered by the same gush of air. So you actually have to manoeuver the blower quite a bit to get the leaves to go where you want to. All that effort. Isn't it easier to just sweep up the leaves???

Sometimes when the leaf pile is not substantial, K just blows the loose leaves onto the streets. That's like transferring litter from the floor to under the carpet. Might as well don't clear.

I think men just like the whirring sound of the blower. Makes them feel like master of the universe controlling a powerful machine. Same reason why men like cars.

*roll eyes*
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