There is no mistake in my title. Thomas Beatie is pregnant with his second child to be born this Summer and this is not a breakthrough scientific research either. It's genuine and all natural.

Thomas Beatie is a transgender male, meaning he used to be a girl but had surgery to reshape his breasts and takes male hormones to build up his manliness. The only asset of his past is his vagina, some paradox.

He's been happily married to wife, Nancy, and they both want kids. Unfortunately Nancy is unable to carry a baby so Thomas decides to take up the task. He stopped taking hormone pills and his body began to regulate itself. After a few months, they started home insemination. Their first children were triplets but had to be aborted cos it was an ectopic pregnancy. After countless tries, Thomas is now pregnant with their second. A healthy baby girl to be delivered in July.

i dunno what to think about this. glad that people who actually want kids have succeeded but i wonder what the kid will feel when she's older...

Thomas Beatie shares his story here.

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