I love love love flea markets! You just never know what you might find. Like most things American, the ones here are supersize. It takes a few hours to walk through the whole thing. One of the most famous is the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Our tickets into Wonka Land!

You'd can find everything here and I mean EVERYTHING. Popcorn, paintings, wrought-iron chairs, leather bags and dresses.

There's even a bed and breakfast birdhouse. Sooo cute! Those green things are what you stick into your garden for Saint Patrick's Day.

I honestly have no idea what this is. Paddles? Glider wings? Self-defence weapon?

If you have a bad hair day at the Rose Bowl flea market, no fear! You can get yourself a blonde wig to cover all that mess.

This is so scary. I can imagine those eyes opening and dark eyes staring at me...

We arrived late and the stalls were closing. In the end, we only bought one thing. A watercolour painting of our future daschund. =)

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