News today. A Yemeni judge dissolved the marriage of an 8-year old girl who was beaten up and forced to have sex to her 30-year old husband.

"I used to run from room to room to escape from him. But he would catch up with me." The girl looked to her parents for help but they turned a blind eye and deaf ear. Alone and abused, she took her case to a judge. Though young children could be married off, the law states that husbands could only consummate the marriage when their wives reach puberty. Since the husband had violated this law, the judge terminated the marriage and ordered the girl's family to pay $250 as compensation.

I was so sad when I read this news. Poor families would often marry their girls off for money regardless of the husband's age or how the girls would be treated. This is survival and women had no rights. I wonder how I would feel as a mum to see my kids being abused like that. What could I say? What could I do? My own husband might beat me up if I protested. My other kids would starve to death if I protested. And so I let a primary 2 girl service a man 4 times her age. Even if my girl was rescued, there is no relief because we had to compensate the man. The law still stands on the man's side and there is no satisfaction even if justice was meted.

I really admire the girl for taking matters in her own hands. I can't imagine what the repercussions might be. Perhaps she wasn't aware of the consequences, hence she could find the courage to report her husband. Perhaps she was aware which makes it all the more brave of her to stand up. I hope she will be safe. I hope her actions aren't wasted. I hope she grows up to shape her own future. God bless her.

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