I have an out-of-control snacking problem. Everyday, huge amounts of sweet stuff vanishes into my tummy. Now it's starting to show. I am all too familiar with this scenario. One day your friend just tells you 'Wah, you put on weight.' and you know it's all too late!

Not 1, not 2 but SIX freakin!!! jars of jams. To be fair, I bought 2 of them for Lin when I thought I was going back to Singapore. Since I am not, they shouldn't go to waste right?

I finished one jar in less than a month. See the spoon there, that's not for spreading on bread. I literally eat them by spoonfuls. They are yummy!

Christmas chocolates, Valentine's chocolates, Wedding chocolates, I-feel-like-it chocolates. They are all here and almost empty.

The glow is deliberate.

Not to forget, oatmeal and raisin cookies baked for Kelly but eaten by us both. Looking at the last 3 pics, I realise most good stuff are brown. haha.

So I decided I had a problem and asked for Kelly's help to control my sugar intake. The same weekend I seeked help was Easter. Celebrations means cakes. I got a craving for cupcakes and begged Kelly to get me one from the supermarket.

He got me one the size of my handphone! ^-^

and even bought me honey roasted peanuts. Some help.

I have gone cold-turkey lots of times but never succeeded.
First time, I told myself not to eat sweets for a week. I gave in by Day 2.
Second time, I told myself to alternate the sugar days - 2 days sugar followed by 2 days no sugar. But the sugar phase just kept going on and on.
Third time, I told myself to eat only at most 2 chocolates and 2 cookies a day. And then I get starvation pangs and would eat 7 cookies or finish a slice of cake.
My last resort now is to hid away all the goodies. Though Laura tells me 'Since you hid them, you know where they are.' iknowiknow, it's duh but maybe out of sight = out of mind. Hope this combined with method 3 will work.

anybody with the same problem but successfully overcame it?
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