i sleep at 3 am, sometimes 4am.
i wake up at 10am, 11am, sometimes 12noon.
i go shopping or watch movies in the afternoon.
on days i don't feel like going out, i surf the net.
in the evenings, i chat with friends over messenger.
and watch my favourite tv shows.

this is my life as a housewife.

there is nothing to stay up for.
there is nothing to wake up for.
there is only so much stuff i can buy and only so many movies to watch.
there are only so much fashion websites to surf and so much news i can take.
there are only so many friends who are free to chat.
there are only so many shows to watch.

this is my mind-numbing life.

i don't know how to be a housewife. i don't think current society encourages it either. friends tell me how great it is to have my life but when i go back to work, does my prospective employer feel the same way? does my prospective employer think 'wow, she just wanted to take time off.' maybe, but in most cases, they want to hear that you have been doing something during your timeoff. which kinda defeats the purpose of timeoff.

i would love to engage myself with courses and activities but my prince doesn't come with a full treasury. planning for 3 weddings and immigration is taxing on the pocket. i can't work legally either so things are pretty much the way they are. which makes me regret that i wasn't a saver and don't have sellable skills. this is a cautionary tale to myself. i hope i won't find myself in this situation again.

for all that, i do know how lucky i am. and i am gonna work towards my happily ever after.
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