this restaurant started it all.

i discovered Daikokuya on my trip last year. their tonkotsu ramen is the perfect antidote for a cold spring day or a chilling night. you know that scene in Ratatouille movie where the food critic took a bite of ratatouille and was immediately star struck? this happened to me when i had my first taste of the ramen. the broth is warm, rich and fragrant with sesame and the thin slices of berkshire pork just melts in your mouth. the hard boiled egg is soaked in a special sauce overnight. i like to break it and mix the crumbly yolk into the soup. mmm...

of course i HAD to introduce kelly to Daikokuya. he was hooked from his first bite. a lot of other people are as well and the wait is at least 1 hour long. we have resorted to coming here at 10pm cos the line is 30mins shorter. if we are really really desperate, we go at midnight where we can get in 15mins later. AND we do the midnight run a lot.

this place started our ramen craze. we found a top 10 ramen restaurant list and are steadily narrowing the list. most of them have a long wait too so by the time we get in and have our food plonked in front of us, we are too busy wolfing down the ramen to take pictures. as you can see, i don't have a pic of Daikokuya ramen too despite all the times we have been there.

Can you believe it?!? There is a website devoted to Ramen Haiku!
Quoted -
eating ramen now
mouthwatering thin noodles
slurping very loud
by Amako
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