my internet is very wonky. it dies on me every 5mins. each time i revive the connection by pulling the power cord from the model and putting it back, i pray that the internet gods would favour me. when they do like now, i take no chances and blog all my backdated entries.

Strange and Wonderful Sights on My Coffee Run

What you say on Monday mornings

A beautifully painted public utility box

This house might be modelled after Antoni Gaudi's designs but it's definitely not inpsired by his genius.

If you had to throw out your toilet bowl, where would you dump it? Why, on the pavement of course!

Strange and Wonderful Sights during Grocery Shopping

Look what I found!

These kiwiberries are the size and colour of small limes. They have smooth skin unlike their hairy cousins. But from the picture on the box, the insides look like a normal kiwi. I didn't buy them cos they cost $6/lb which means 1 little fruit costs $1.65!! very auntie i know...

Then I came across something called

really is look like turban wor!

cute illustrations on egg cartons. those chickens might roam free but they still have to earn their keep as farm labourers.

last but not least, ORGANIC CANDY FLOSS. I was scratching my head at this one cos I thought organic means produce grown by natural methods and animals not injected with hormones. A quick check on wikipedia corrected me.

The label on the back lists pure cane sugar as the only ingredient. Since no artificial colour or flavouring were added, these candy floss are considered organic.
BUT I see the word 'Grape Flavor' written on the package. If no flavouring was added, where did the 'grape flavour' come from? Also hor, picture on the packaging shows a pink, blue and yellow floss. where did that colouring come from? Very misleading...
*Organic candy floss is from Bernod's Company.
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